CBI Mentors

College of Pharmacy

the nicholas bodor professor in drug discovery

Chenglong Li

Li’s research focuses on molecular recognition, and drug design and discovery through combined computational (AI and molecular simulation) and biochemical/biophysical/cellular and in vivo approaches.

Chenglong Li

Professor And Chair, Debbie And Sylvia DeSantis Chair In Natural Products Drug Discovery And Development

Hendrik Luesch

He leads a multidisciplinary marine natural products program that integrates genome mining, isolation, chemical synthesis, pharmacology, mechanism of action and early development studies.

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Jay McLaughlin

McLaughlin’s research utilizes behavioral pharmacology and neuroscience both for drug discovery (treatments for pain and substance abuse) and investigations into neurological disorders (such as the role of HIV-1 Tat protein in NeuroAIDS-related behaviors).

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College of Medicine

Associate Professor

Brian Law

Law’s researcher interests include Activation of Death Receptors 4 and 5 by Altered Disulfide Bonding as a New Approach to Cancer Therapy; Mechanisms by which the CDCP1 Protein Promotes Breast Cancer Metastasis

Department of Chemistry


Steven Bruner

The Bruner group uses the tools of structural biology, synthetic organic chemistry and mechanistic enzymology to examine natural product biosynthetic pathways, toward the goal of engineered systems to produce novel molecules.


Ronald Castellano

The Castellano group uses organic synthesis, physical organic chemistry, and supramolecular chemistry to develop small-molecule anti-cancer agents in collaboration with other CBI faculty.

Ronald K. Castellano

Assistant Professor

Matthew Eddy

The Eddy lab uses integrative structural biology to reveal molecular mechanisms of drug interactions with human G protein-coupled receptors, sensory membrane proteins involved in nearly every physiological process.


Sandra Loesgen

The Loesgen Lab is focused on understanding the diversity and bioactivity of the chemicals produced by microorganisms, with an emphasis on compounds with medical applications. They employ a multi-disciplinary approach to isolate compounds produced by under-explored groups of microorganisms, and identify chemicals with anticancer, antibacterial, or antiviral activity.


Jeffrey Rudolf

The Rudolf Lab works on discovering novel natural products from bacteria, understanding how they are made by Nature, and how they can be utilized and engineered for human health.

Department of Biology


Keith Choe

The Choe Lab uses the genetic model Caenorhabditis elegans to define how the environment interacts with genetic and molecular pathways.  We use whole-animal high-throughput screening of compounds and genes to identify interactions and detailed molecular genetic, genomic, and biochemical approaches to define mechanisms.

Keith Choe

Department of Microbiology and Cell Science

Department of Chemical Engineering

Dean’s Leadership Professor and Chair of Chemical Engineering

Carlos Rinaldi

Rinaldi’s research interests include synthesis and formulation of nanoparticle imaging agents and drug carriers. Magnetic particle imaging and magnetic hyperthermia.