Graduate Program Fall 2023 cohort
The UF College of Pharmacy welcomes a new graduate cohort every fall.

The college has five academic departments that have a unique research focus, are highly successful in attracting extramural research support, and are an integral part of the University of Florida Academic Health Center. A sixth department, pharmacy education and practice, is dedicated to enhancing clinical education and practice. Faculty in the departments lead the training and education of students in the UF College of Pharmacy and maintain robust research activities that position the college as a national leader in areas such as drug discovery, pharmacogenomics, pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology. Faculty members conduct collaborative research projects with clinical and other basic scientists within the academic colleges at UF Health or other colleges on campus. Many serve on editorial boards for scientific journals and maintain collaborative ties with scientists worldwide.

Medicinal Chemistry

Research Focus: Drug discovery, organic synthesis of medicinal agents, natural products chemistry, prodrugs, topical drug delivery, peptide chemistry, molecular modeling, drug metabolism and molecular toxicology.

Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy

Research Focus: Research in the Department emphasizes the epidemiological, socio-behavioral, administrative, regulatory, and economic aspects of drug therapy and pharmaceutical services, including assessment of safety, effectiveness, efficiency and quality aspects of patient-oriented pharmaceutical services and medication use.


Research Focus: Basic, applied, and clinical investigations in pharmacokinetics/ biopharmaceutics, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical biotechnology, herbal medicines, and drug delivery.


Research Focus: The interface of physiology and neuroscience; pharmacology and pathology, normal physiology, pathophysiology, and drug action.

Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research

Research Focus: Translational research, pharmacogenomics.

Pharmacy Education and Practice

Focus: Pharmacists education and practice