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Online Graduate Education

Tailored for working professionals, these graduate programs highlight unique and in-demand areas within the pharmaceutical industry.

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Online Graduate Programs

The Office of Lifelong Learning offers Master’s degree and graduate certificate options – earn your degree, your way.


Forensic Science

The forensic science graduate program is the largest and most prestigious forensic science program globally. It has earned the Award of Excellence in Distance Education from the American Distance Education Consortium and the Outstanding Leadership Award from the U.S. Distance Learning Association.

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Impacting research

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Advance your career in drug discovery, design and development. Faculty with extensive backgrounds in both pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry cover topics across three specializations.

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evaluation and treatment

Clinical Toxicology

Ideal for health care professionals employed in emergency rooms, clinical trials and poison control centers, the clinical toxicology graduate program covers the theory associated with the evaluation and treatment of poisoned or overdosed patients.

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Groundbreaking field

Clinical Pharmacogenomics & Precision Medicine

Integrate pharmacogenomic and personalized medicine principles into medication management, emphasizing patient-centered individualized care. This program has a pronounced clinical focus and practical application to clinical practice. You’ll develop skills to select the most suitable drugs and dosages for each patient based on his/her unique DNA, aligning with the principles of precision medicine.

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focusing on trends

Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy

Explore paths to improving pharmaceutical outcomes in populations while earning your M.S., graduate certificate, or concurrent M.S. + MBA. POP students can choose from four unique and in-demand specializations in:
(1) Pharmacoeconomics
(2) Managed Care Pharmacy
(3) Pharmaceutical Policy
(4) Pharmaceutical Value Communication

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DEvelop new drugs safely & effectively


The pharmaceutics online graduate program focuses on model-informed drug development (MIDD) and clinical pharmacology and drug development. Students will apply the concepts of pharmacometrics and quantitative pharmacology to better understand how model-based drug development can be applied to help bring new drugs to market more efficiently.

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Featured Graduate Certificates


Fundamentals of Forensic Science

Forensic scientists play a vital role in criminal investigations. In this fundamental program, you’ll learn to collect, identify, and analyze physical evidence using specialized field and laboratory methods unique to each subdiscipline.

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Occupational Toxicology

Working professionals across medical fields, safety inspection, and industry will learn to identify, assess and mitigate chemical risks.

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Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacy

Master AI and machine learning concepts and applications specific to pharmacy practice, from drug development to genomic medicine. Learn to optimize medication management and healthcare delivery for improved patient outcomes and more efficient healthcare operations.

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