Office of Research and Graduate Education

The Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, Maureen Keller-Wood, Ph.D., oversees both the graduate education and research activities in the college.


Medicinal Chemists Rob Huigens, Ph.D., with studentsThe research activities of the college are coordinated with the assistance of the Research Office of the shared services center. This team supports the research activity of faculty both pre and post award.

The Regulatory and Compliance Office also supports research activities by providing assistance in navigating requirements for conducting human subject or animal research, as well as data use, transfer and sharing, and material use agreements.

Graduate Education

The UF College of Pharmacy currently has five major areas of graduate concentration: Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy, and Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The graduate coordinators of each of the five concentrations form the Graduate Studies Committee and student representatives of each concentration form the UF College of Pharmacy Graduate Student Organization. These assist the associate dean in the responsibility of governing graduate education in the college.

The Graduate Programs office staff serve as the contact for graduate students and graduate faculty in the college. The Graduate Programs office coordinates all graduate education with the registrar office and the UF Graduate School. It also coordinates graduate admissions and graduate activities including the Annual Research Showcase.