Chengguo (Chris) Xing

Chengguo (Chris) Xing Ph.D.

Professor and Frank A. Duckworth Eminent Scholar

Department: Medicinal Chemistry
Business Phone: (352) 294-8511
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About Chengguo (Chris) Xing

Xing received his B.S. degree from the Dalian University of Technology and obtained his Ph.D. degree in organic chemistry from Arizona State University. He completed postdoctoral training in chemical biology at Harvard University. His independent research has been focusing on isolating, designing, and synthesizing biologically active small molecules as drug leads for translation and employing such candidates as probes to understand mechanism of drug action and related biology, with the long-term goal of developing solutions towards effectively managing human diseases. Another mission of our research is to train graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, undergraduate students, and other professionals the integration of different disciplines at the interface of chemistry and biology, including pharmacognosy, medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, molecular and cellular biology, and clinical bioanalytical chemistry.

Honors & Awards

Teacher of the Year Award
2014-2015 · University of Minnesota
Teacher of the Year Award
2006-2007 · University of Minnesota
Young Investigator Award
2005-2006 · AACP

Research Profile

As the Frank A. Duckworth Eminent Scholar at UF, his team’s research focuses on translational development with several indications, including novel therapies selective against multi-drug resistant malignancies, chemopreventive agents against primary carcinogenesis and a natural dietary supplement on neurological disorders with the goal to extend them in the clinical setting. There are currently three major independent directions: (i) To investigate the biology of the Bcl-2 family proteins, SERCA, Ca2+ homeostasis, and Notch in cancer multi-drug resistance, specifically their functions, interactions and regulations, and to develop novel small-molecule modulators as anticancer agents that will selectively eliminate multidrug-resistant malignancies and prevent drug resistance development in cancer therapies. (ii) To elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying the beneficial (cancer preventive and anxiolytic) and adverse (hepatotoxic) effects of kava, to determine the responsible compound(s), to identify the cellular targets and to characterize their interactions, and to rationally develop structurally related lead candidates for drug discovery and development. (iii) To develop a panel of chalcone-based chemical probes with similar chemical structures but distinct biological activities, to employ such probes for target identification and mechanistic characterization, and to perform rational lead optimization and drug development.

Areas of Interest
  • Cancer multi-drug resistance
  • Cancer prevention
  • Drug discovery
  • Natural products
  • Neurological disorders


November 2017ACTIVE
The Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. Foundation – Support for the Study of Therapy Resistant Leukemia
August 2017ACTIVE
Research Core Scope of Work (Phase I Contract)
FL STATE UNIV · Project Manager
September 2016ACTIVE
Dihydromethysticin (DHM) for Lung Cancer Chemoprevention
NATL INST OF HLTH NCI · Principal Investigator
September 2016 – June 2018
Mechanisms of Anticancer Agents Selective against Drug Resistant Leukemia
NATL INST OF HLTH NCI · Principal Investigator


Ph.D. – Organic Chemistry
Arizona State University
B.S. – Chemical Engineering
Dalian University of Technology