Donor Testimonials

The Crisafi Challenge is made possible thanks to the many donors who give generously to support scholarship for UF College of Pharmacy students.

Founder, Crisafi Challenge

Robert and Barbara Crisafi

“Although the Crisafi Challenge is by far the most ambitious scholarship program that I’m associated with, Barbara and I have always understood the importance of scholarships and the role they play in helping needy students achieve their goal to becoming pharmacists. Having the opportunity to establish the Crisafi Challenge scholarship program at the UF College of Pharmacy and witnessing its overwhelming success has been extremely rewarding for me and my entire family.”

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dean emeritus, uf college of pharmacy

Michael A. Schwartz

“The Crisafi Challenge has opened new doors to help our students achieve the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. I know that these students greatly appreciate this assistance. This is one of the best ways to contribute to the future of our College and the Profession. In my time as Dean, Dr. Bob was one of those who came to understand our needs and rose to the occasion.  I am very proud to be a contributor myself and to have been associated with Dr. Bob over the years. His legacy will continue to be a very bright spot in our College’s future.”

Dean Schwartz


William Riffee

After my appointment as Dean of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy in 1996, I began to meet with those who have graduated from the College in an effort to raise funds that would allow our faculty and students to thrive. They certainly did that as we built on the success of Dean Emeritus Michael Schwartz to build funds that would enable students to attend the College of Pharmacy and for faculty to have the resources needed to build their research programs. It wasn’t long before I met Dr. Bob Crisafi and learned about his time in the College and his success in industry. He had such a strong conviction that those who have benefited from the College of Pharmacy should give back to enable others to gain an excellent education with a bright future. I remember meeting with Dr. Bob and our fund raiser, Kelly Markey. No one leaves Dr. Bob’s presence without a smile on their face. He was alway willing to give of his resources and time to continue to build our College into the outstanding institution it is today and one that is highly recognized by the other Colleges on Camus and by the administration. I know he was very proud of all the College was doing to improve the education and research available to our students and faculty. He saw the “P Wing” completely renovated providing a state of the art research facility for faculty and graduate students. At the same time, he was able to see the construction of the HPNP Building housing administrative offices as well as faculty offices, research facilities and student activity areas. None of these advances would have been possible without the support of Dr. Robert Crisafi who not only gave to these activities himself, but encouraged others to become involved. Dr. Bob’s heart will always be in providing the opportunity our students through scholarship opportunities. The Crisafi Challenge was a brilliant idea and has ignited a significant mechanism to raise scholarship funds. When Dean Julie Johnson began as Dean in 2013, she continued to build and enhanced the relationship with Dr. Crisafi and all of us can now see the fruit of his work and his relationships. Bob Crisafi, you are a true friend and one that I will always treasure from my time with the University of Florida. May God bless you and your family and GO GATORS!!

William Riffee


Julie Johnson

“It is hard to believe how quickly Dr. Bob’s 2015 vision for the “Crisafi Challenge” has taken hold.  In this short time Dr. Bob and Barbara Crisafi have stepped forward to make significant cash and legacy gifts to the college that will forever impact the lives of our pharmacy students.  But the Crisafi Challenge has also inspired our alumni to step forward in a significant way to help ensure the future of the pharmacy profession – through support for our students.  Our current and future students who have the honor of being named Crisafi scholars will be forever grateful for Dr. Bob dreaming up this program.”

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Dean, UF College OF PHARMACY

Peter Swaan

“It is my privilege to support the Crisafi Challenge and rally behind the scholarship campaign Dr. Bob created nearly a decade ago. It is impressive to see how this challenge has grown over the years and appreciate the impact it has made on our college.
Dr. Bob genuinely believes in the potential of every student he supports. The UF College of Pharmacy changed the trajectory of his career, and he believes it will do the same for the students who matriculate through our college. May we all find inspiration in the generosity of Dr. Bob and celebrate his vision by supporting the Crisafi Challenge for years to come.”

Dean Peter Swaan

In Memory of

Larry Hayes

My family is supporting the Crisafi Challenge in memory of my father Larry Hayes. Larry was a lonely teenager when he moved to Gainesville, Florida, in the mid-1950s. He lived in the same apartment complex as Bobby Crisafi, who was then a pharmacy student at UF. They became friends and played chess together. Bobby set about trying to recruit Larry into pharmacy. He was successful and Larry graduated from the UF School of Pharmacy in 1962. He worked over a year for Liggett Rexall, then 12 years for Eli Lilly and Company, before becoming a medical malpractice defense attorney, where he continued to use his medical and pharmaceutical knowledge throughout a brilliant career. Larry died on December 30, 2020. He may have been Bobby Crisafi’s first recruit and was certainly one of the “best and the brightest.” (submitted by Bruce Hayes, son of Larry Hayes)

Larry Hayes


Steve and Judy DiOrio

“Thirty plus years ago I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Bob as he acquired a business segment which was divested by my employer. This transaction provided me with the benefit of Dr. Bob’s mentorship and guidance which was integral to my career and professional development. As time passed my wife and I were able to develop first hand appreciation for his unwavering passion for higher education and desire to assist motivated young adults. The Crisafi Challenge incorporates both of these tenets and fulfills Dr. and Mrs. Crisafi’s vision to provide opportunity for exceptional students to follow his UF COP path which has greatly enriched their lives. These are some of the reasons we chose to support this most worthy scholarship program which will help perpetuate Dr. Bob’s legacy.”

Steve DiOrio


Ellen Woods

“The American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE) is proud to join Dr. Bob in the Crisafi Challenge, which funds PharmD students at the University of Florida. The Crisafi Challenge allows students who are passionate about studying pharmacy to attend the University of Florida, unencumbered by financial barriers. We hope you will join AFPE and Dr. Bob in supporting the Crisafi Challenge and giving back to the next generation of pharmacy students. The AFPE has supported pharmacy education for the past 75 years. We have seen the long-term benefits of investing in the education of PharmD and PhD students in improving patient care and healthcare outcomes. Our Gateway program focuses on funding PharmD students interested in pursuing research. One of our highly accomplished former fellows, Dr. Bob Crisafi, shares AFPE’s mission.”



Carl Allison

“I am proud to support the Crisafi Challenge in honor of our son Jared. I first met Bob at a football game in the president’s box. He was sharing with me his ideas about starting the fundraiser and I was sharing with him my story of our son Jared. Bob has asked me numerous times to share that story here. Jared started at UF in 2001 and planned to study business, I never encouraged him to study pharmacy as I did not want him to blame me later. After a year or so in business, he informed me that he was changing his major to pharmacy. I told him that was great and he responded that he did not think I wanted him to and I responded that I wanted it to be his choice. After graduating, he started work at our Baya Pharmacy. He was rotating between our three retail pharmacies and then at our long-term care pharmacy. He and my wife Joan and I were also working to open an Urgent Care Clinic next to one of the pharmacies. A few weeks after opening the clinic he was tragically killed in a jogging accident in Gainesville. Our lives were shattered but I knew he would not want us to give up our dream. Our daughter, Michele, moved home and now assists Joan in managing the businesses. We have been honored not only to support Bob’s scholarship but we also created the Jared Allison Memorial Scholarship. Our commitment to the University of Florida College of Pharmacy has grown and it helps me remember Jared.

Carl and Jared Allison


Mark Hobbs

“Education is the gift that no one can take away, and it’s an honor to support Dr Bob’s generous scholarship program. The Crisafi Challenge allows my contribution to go even further in helping support our students at the best College of Pharmacy in the nation –GO GATORS! Won’t you join me in supporting the future of our profession?”

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Bob Walker

“Knowing that all of the money raised is being used for scholarships to help needy students to fund their education is my reason for donating to the Crisafi Challenge. I’ve worked as the CFO for Dr. Bob for more than 30 years, and I’m not surprised to see him doing things like this to help others. He is passionate about the pharmacy profession and the opportunities it offers to graduate pharmacists.”

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crisafi challenge

Philip Rogero

“I give to the Cristafi Challenge because I believe in the UF College of Pharmacy and the amazing people and pharmacists it produces. With our aging population, these are the future leaders of the industry. I’m proud to offer support.”

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David Newton

“I contributed to the Crisafi Challenge because (1) I am a loyal orange and blue triple Gator Pharmacy graduate, (2) Dr. Crisafi and I were both supervised by the late Dr. Charles H. Becker for our Ph.D. degrees with industrial pharmaceutical sciences major, and (3) respect for Dr. Crisafi’s professional career, and loyalty and generosity to the UF COP.”

David Newton

crisafi challenge

Frank Giglio

“I know from my experience as a pharmacy student any financial aid is a gift from above.  Without Dr. Bob as a mentor, I would not be in a position to pass on this gift to others. The Crisafi Challenge “to help others” has always been one of Dr. Bob’s strong principles. I was not only a student of Dr. Bob, but also an employee.”

Frank Giglio

crisafi challenge

Casey Jackson

“My mom, dad and sister all told me that I had to donate to the Crisafi Challenge when I was in the 8th grade.  I remember asking them why do I have to donate if I’m not in college.  The answer was that Papa said we all have to donate. I didn’t have any money to donate, so it was really my mom and dad who donated for me. Now that I’m in the 10th grade I know more about scholarships. I was at the UF on May 1, 2017 with my whole family when papa gave a speech to the graduating class and he talked about how donations helped people who did not have enough money to go to college. He said the donations will help them to go. This year I used my own money to donate so that there would be more scholarships to help those that need help to go to college.”

Casey Jackson

crisafi challenge

Ed Hamilton

“I have participated in the Crisafi Challenge from the beginning. What a great way to see your donation matched by Dr. Bob!  All of the donations go to fund student pharmacist scholarships. Having had the privilege to meet some of the scholarship recipients, and hear their personal stories of what this means to them, it is very touching and I am happy to contribute again this year. Thanks Dr. Crisafi for leading the way.”

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crisafi challenge

Caitlin Jackson & Jake Roberts

“Jake and I are supporting the Crisafi Challenge in honor of my Papa, Dr. Bob. My Papa’s passion for education, particularly for the discipline of pharmacy, is admirable. His charitable nature is inspiring and one I hope to model in the future. The University of Florida holds a special place in Jake and I’s heart, as we are both recent 2020 alumni, meeting at the University of Florida in 2019. I an alumnus from the College of Nursing and Jake from the College of Health and Human Performance. Both Jake and I are truly inspired by Dr. Bob’s hard work and dedication to his profession. His successes prove his perseverance and determination, a work ethic Jake and I yearn to follow. I am so honored to be Dr. Bob’s granddaughter and hope to one day be able to give back to the University of Florida as he is doing. Go Gators!”

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crisafi challenge

Chris Xing

“Pharmacy is such an important discipline to our healthcare system that rigorous training is absolutely necessary, like the UF COP program. This needs significant financial commitment from the students and their families. It is so fortunate that Bob, as the leader, has established the Crisafi Challenge that makes pharmacy education possible to many that otherwise will not be able to.  I am so happy to be part of this.”

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crisafi challenge

John Murphy

“I support the Crisafi challenge so future generations of pharmacists receive the opportunities provided to me. I was fortunate to leave college debt free, but most students today aren’t so lucky. Dr. Crisafi understands the importance of giving students opportunities for success at the college and I am very happy to be able to help ensure his challenge is fulfilled. Go GatoRx Nation.”

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crisafi challenge

Ashley Shipley

“I gave to the Crisafi Challenge because not only is Dr. Bob my grandfather (Papa), but the University of Florida is both of our alma mater. I admire the work my Papa has put into giving other students the opportunity to attend the University of Florida, College of Pharmacy. Although I did not personally pursue pharmacy, I know the College of Pharmacy at UF has become a top Pharmacy College because of alumni, like my Papa, and the continued passion of the students they enroll. I hope to be able to give back to UF in a similar fashion as my Papa, one day. Go Gators!”

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John Merianos, Kappa Psi Brother – Gamma Lambda Chapter

“In 1958 and 1959, Dr. Bob Crisafi was my professor in Pharmaceutical Technology and my mentor while attending undergraduate school at New England College of Pharmacy. I’m also a fraternity brother of the Gamma Lambda Chapter of Kappa Psi pharmacy fraternity, which Dr. Bob founded in 1956 at NECP.  It is an HONOR for me to contribute to The Crisafi Challenge! I remember very well how Dr. Bob, as a teacher would always help students with their studies when they were having difficulties. He encouraged me to go for my Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin. Thank you Dr. Bob for everything you do for students.  I also received scholarship assistance in graduate school while studying for my Ph.D., therefore, I know how thankful and grateful the Crisafi Scholars are to have received their scholarships.”



Donna and Craig Shipley

“Dr.Robert Crisafi, also known as Dr. Bob, and humbled to call him DAD, is a man of enormous faith, integrity and love.  He has not only been a mentor and role model but a great inspiration to me and my family.  Dr. Bob’s passion for his work has brought him much success and joy which in turn has given him the energy to focus on The Crisafi Challenge. His mission is to assist less fortunate students, by giving them the opportunity to receive a degree in pharmacy at the University of Florida.  Dr. Bob’s ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication will hopefully inspire fellow alumni to share in his passion.” Donna and Craig Shipley

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crisafi challenge

Larry and Alice Pahigian

“The Crisafi Challenge was initiated by Dr.Bob to develop scholarships for the recruitment of astute, motivated, honorable students as future pharmacists. I encourage my colleagues, friends, and alumni to provide financial support, as I have, to accomplish the goals of this mission. This was a great opportunity to participate in the development of these aspiring pharmacists, who will play an important role in the delivery of our healthcare system. Pharmacists who will bring pride and honor to the entire ‘Gator family.’”  I graduated from New England College of Pharmacy in 1953 with Bob, and from that time on, we and our wives have never lost contact with one another.”

Larry Pahigian


George and Linda Romano

“As my brother-in-law, I have known Bob, Dr. Robert Crisafi, most of my life.  Bob’s faith, integrity, and  respect for education has impacted many lives and continues to do so. On several occasions, Bob has shared many wonderful memories of his professors, mentors, and student colleagues  at the University of Florida. When I was in the third grade, I visited Bob and Barbara with my mother and father for one week.  I remember so well, him taking me up to his laboratory and demonstrating how tablets are made.That was a memorable experience for a young boy, one that I will never forget. Bob has never forgotten the opportunity the Graduate School at the University of Florida afforded him in pursuing a multifaceted career in the pharmaceutical field. The Crisafi Challenge is a way to help deserving students attain that same opportunity, and honor the University of Florida for its excellent Graduate School of Pharmacy. Much success, Bob and Barbara, with the Crisafi Challenge!”

George and Linda Romano 600x400


Joyce and Mendy Glicksberg

“Dr. Bob’ came to UF as a grad student in the fall of 1953. My husband came to start teaching at the Law School that same year. We lived in the same apartment complex and became great friends. Bob worked hard at school and also took on a job at Hoffman Pharmacy. We’ve stayed in touch with Bob and Barbara all these years and are very proud of what he has accomplished.”

Joyce and Menday


Joan Morales

“It is an honor to donate to the Crisafi Challenge. This scholarship drive is certainly a worthy and admirable endeavor. I believe one should contribute when the opportunity presents itself to donate to students in need to promote their higher education. I have worked with Dr. Bob for many years and his leadership and guidance have proven to be priceless. Dr. Bob’s tireless dedication and generosity to the University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy is indeed inspiring.”

Joan Morales


John Haley

“Dr. Bob was an early supporter of our mission and we are pleased to be able to contribute to the “Crisafi Challenge”, a cause he is passionate about. Our art company,  ArtLidz, uses paint to create images and profits from the art sales are donated to local food banks and pantries to “put a lid on hunger” in our communities.  Like Dr. Bob, we also have a sense of pride, accomplishment, and are fulfilled knowing that our efforts are helping others.”

John Haley 600x400


Valerie Griffith

“I have always been a firm believer that education is essential.  With the great advancements we have made in every field, higher education is becoming even more important and it is even more important that we get the best education available.  Without supporting our schools and helping them to find and develop the best educators available, we will not keep up.  Pharmacy is an important part of the health care system, and I am pleased and proud to be a supporter of our College at the University of Florida.  I worked for 50 years as a retail and hospital pharmacist and I hope to see our profession flourish.  I hope all our alumni will help with the Crisafi Challenge.”

Valerie Griffith


Matthew N. Goldstein

“I donated to the Crisafi Challenge, to give something back to the University of Florida.  I graduated with my BS in pharmacy from St. John’s University in NY in 1994.  In 2008, one of my ex-bosses who is also a good friend suggested I go back for my PharmD.   I automatically began researching non-traditional programs, knowing that working full time as a hospital pharmacist, I could not do a traditional program.  I decided to apply to the UF WPPD program, and was very impressed with the program.  I found the program to be both rewarding and challenging, graduating in August 2011.  And as a bonus, I met one of my best friends in the program.  My mother, who was in her early 80’s when I graduated, was very proud of my accomplishment.  She passed away five months after graduation, but I was so glad that I was able to share this experience with her, even though she could not physically be there.  Donating to the Crisafi Challenge allows me to give back to the University that gave me so much.”

Matthew Goldstein 600x400


Roy Kupkowski, Kappa Psi Brother – Gamma Lambda Chapter

“In 1964, when I was accepted for admission to the New England College of Pharmacy, my next challenge was paying for the tuition and books. Thanks to President Eisenhower’s National Defense Student Loan program I was able to borrow money at 2 % interest for the five years of college. Had it not been for this financial help I would never have had the opportunity to become a pharmacist and to have a chance to enjoy practicing the profession on a number of different levels. It enabled me to have a career, and provide medical help to the community. I feel I understand the critical need for financial aid in many different forms, and the long term benefits it provides to the individual and the community at large. Thank You Dr. Crisafi for all you have done for me personally, and your continuing efforts to promote and support the practice of pharmacy through your scholarship program.”

Roy Kupkowski 600x400


Tom Musgrave

“The Crisafi Challenge is a wonderful initiative.  Dr. Bob has been a close friend for more than 25 years; a period during which I have been his CPA.  We have had many conversations about UFCOP and the positive impression the school has had on his life.  From his stories I have learned that he once stood in the same shoes that he and Barbara now seek to help.  There can be no better feeling than helping inspired young men and women achieve their educational goals.  I have donated to the Crisafi Challenge with the hope that others will recognize the goodness in this initiative and also contribute to a cause that will make a difference in the lives of motivated students in need of financial assistance.  Cheers to you Dr. Bob and Barbara!”

Tom Musgrave 600x400


Almut Winterstein

“Dr. Crisafi is not only a great philanthropist but also an excellent investor. Education is one of the most critical investments into our society and the Crisafi Challenge support students to graduate from one of the best pharmacy schools in the country. Dr. Crisafi’s gracious matching gift further allows us to double each dollar we invest in this important cause.”

Winterstein, Almut 400x600


Carol Motycka

“I gave to the Crisafi Challenge because I understand the need to pay it forward.  As a former student who received a scholarship in pharmacy school at a critical point during which I needed the funds badly, I understand how much that money can mean.  It may mean the difference between having to work extra shifts which will impact their grades or even deciding whether or not to buy a book that is needed or try to get by without it.  Those are difficult decisions that students have to make and I want every student to succeed regardless of their financial situation.  Sometimes it is even the smallest scholarship that can have a huge impact on a student’s life.”

Motycka, Carol 600x400


Thanh Hogan

“I feel fortunate to be able to give to the Crisafi Challenge.  Alone, my donation may not be much, but combined with Dr. Bob’s match and donations from others, I know we can make a huge impact.  I am proud of the reputation of my UF COP degree and with every dollar raised going directly toward recruitment scholarships, we will continue to recruit the top students today.  Like many others, I chose a pharmacy career to help others, and donating to the Crisafi Challenge is just another way for me to help, and to give back to my profession.”

Thanh Hogan 600x400

Crisafi Challenge

Derek Kelly

“When Dr. Bob first came to me about working on, I was more than happy to help. As I begun working on it and learning more about his cause, I was inspired by his generosity. I decided to donate the entirety of my time working with Dr. Bob to develop the website. I have also enjoyed working with some great people in the COP, Development Group. I know that when friends of Dr. Bob and alumni of the University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy see this website, they will be inspired and motivated to donate to the Crisafi Challenge.  Thank you Dr. Bob for allowing me to share in the success and rewards of this excellent Scholarship Program.”

Derek Kelly 600x400


Michael Coscia

“I feel the Crisafi Challenge is a very good fund raiser especially because it is dedicated to giving scholarships to needy students. Going to college is very costly for families, and student loans put a burden on graduates who are just starting out with their careers. Being able to receive a scholarship to help pay for your education is wonderful.  I’m donating to the Crisafi Challenge because I have known Dr. Bob for many years and I want to help his fund raiser meet its goal.”

Michael Coscia 600x400


Heather Hardin

“Once I found out about the Crisafi Challenge, I knew I had to contribute.  As UF College of Pharmacy graduate who understands the struggle of paying for school on top of life’s other demands, I wanted to help other students who are striving to reach their dream of becoming a pharmacist.  When I see a student receive the scholarship, and the joy and blessing it provides them, it warms my heart that I have been able to give back to those following in my footsteps.  It’s a blessing for the giver and those that receive; what an honor to be part of this wonderful scholarship program.”

Dr. Heather Hardin Picture


John Gums

“Almost everyone in pharmacy has benefited in some way from “giving forward.” Participation in the Crisafi Challenge provides a meaningful opportunity to pay back that benefit. The fact that my donation contributes to the opportunity for a student to attend a top 5 college of pharmacy, makes the decision even easier.”

John Gums


Rich Segal

“Dr. Bob has once again energized the College community to give to something really important – attracting the most competitive students to the University of Florida and helping pharmacy students to reduce their tuition expenses.  What better purpose for giving.  Thank you, Dr. Bob, for your selfless commitment to helping our College of Pharmacy be second to none.”

Rich Segal 600x400


Matt Kirchoff

“I give to the Crisafi Challenge because I want the University of Florida College of Pharmacy to have the resources necessary to continue to attract the best students, so that these students can later help further improve the quality of medical care throughout Florida and the USA.”

Matt Kirchoff 600x400


Elizabeth Zipper

“The Crisafi Challenge has transformed scholarships and fundraising at the college of pharmacy – and I’ve been immensely proud to watch Dr. Bob’s vision come to life! Thank you for your ingenuity, generosity and encouragement to transform our college into a Top 5!”

Zipper 600x400


Scott Gabehart

“Having worked closely with Dr. Bob on highly confidential and critical tasks, I have seen firsthand his dedication to just and ethical behavior and a constant desire to “do the right thing.”  This is why I am not surprised at all to see him working so hard to raise money for this very worthwhile scholarship cause and I would encourage anyone who knows “Dr. Bob” as I do to make a sizable contribution.”

Scott Gabehart 600x400


April Johnston

“As a 2002 graduate of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, I could not be more proud of the education and experience provided to me during my tenure at UF.  Being a part of the Crisafi Challenge has allowed me to give back to a program to which I owe so much, and in a manner that provides assistance to deserving students.  I am proud to be a University of Florida College of Pharmacy alumnus, and I am proud to contribute to a cause that affords future pharmacists that same privilege.”

April Johnston 600x400


W. W. Acholonu, Jr.

“You know I am a proud Gator. I am proud because of the high-level professional education I received from the UF College of Pharmacy. It is my wish that aspiring students, especially those from lower socio-economic status are given opportunities for a UF College of Pharmacy education. My donation for this course, though light in comparison, is made heavier when matched by the Crisafi Challenge Donation. This makes me happy, a proud Gator with chips on the shoulders.”

WW Acholonu 600x400


Stephen Tarallo

“We have known Dr. Bob Crisafi and his wife Barbara for over 38 years.  By way of background, during the summer of 1979 a mutual business acquaintance introduced us to Bob during a time my two brothers and I were poised to launch a small pharmaceutical manufacturing business.  Little did we know that our business lives, our careers, and our personal lives would be changed forever . . . and in all ways good!  Since the association began almost four decades ago our relationship with “Dr. Bob”, as he is affectionately known, has grown in any way that one can imagine, both professionally and personally. Anyone who knows Dr. Bob personally is aware of his deep faith, and it is that faith that shaped Bob’s view on how our paths crossed in the summer of 1979.  Bob has always contended that it wasn’t fate that brought us together, but the intervention of the Holy Spirit.  Given what has transpired in the 38 years since, how can anyone disagree?!! This brief testimonial not only confirms Dr. Bob’s commitment to education, but also to his pursuit of new relationships that provide opportunities to make a difference in young peoples’ lives. That is exactly what he is accomplishing with the Crisafi Challenge Scholarship Program.” Thank you Dr. Bob from the Tarallo brothers, Steve, Phil and Rob.

Steve Tarallo 600x400


Paul Myron, Kappa Psi Brother – Gamma Lambda Chapter

“I am presently retired and I’m writing to express my feelings about helping pharmacy students to reach their goals in life.  My pharmacy education allowed me the opportunity to be employed for 30 years by the prestigious pharmaceutical company, Parke Davis.  After retiring from Parke Davis, I wanted to continue to be active and I took a position as a staff pharmacist in a retail pharmacy for 16 additional years.  Few professions offer such opportunities.  By donating to the Crisafi Challenge, I feel that I will be helping others to have those same opportunities. Dr Crisafi has been active in raising money for the University of Florida and also helping increase the membership of pharmacy students in Kappa Psi, the professional pharmacy fraternity. He has brought together the graduate brothers on a regular basis to help advance the profession and develop fellowship. I want to commend Dr Crisafi for all that he has done for Pharmacy and Kappa Psi.”

Paul Myron 600x400


Steve Sampson

“Dr. Bob asked me if I would donate money to his scholarship program at the university of Florida.  He talked to me for more than an hour about why he started raising money for scholarships. He told me that the college wanted to sign up smart students that lived in states outside of Florida, but the students had to pay high tuitions if they did not live in Florida. If they got a scholarship, that money would help them afford the tuition. Dr. Bob hired me to work as an intern in one of his companies as a maintenance mechanic when I was going to trade school. I look upon Dr. Bob as a father figure because he has given me advice on many things in my life. Now I have my own business and I told Dr. Bob that I would definitely donate to help students who need help for tuition. He told me the students that were awarded the scholarships are called Crisafi Scholars.  I feel like I’m a Crisafi Scholar myself because of the things Dr. Bob taught me. Instead of a picture of myself, I submitted a picture of Dr. Bob’s classic automobile.  When he stopped driving the car, he gave it to me as a gift.  Dr. Bob is really a true giver in my eyes.  I hope you accept the picture.”

crisafi challenge 600x400


Caitlin Jackson

“I’m always hearing a lot about the Crisafi Challenge, because it’s my papa, Dr. Bob, who founded and continues to sponsor the Crisafi Challenge at the College of Pharmacy. He wanted to do something good for students who chose to come to UF and study pharmacy, but could not afford the tuition.  He talks about how, if it was not for scholarship aid he received when he attended UF for his Ph.D., he probably would not have been able to remain in college.  Now that I’m attending UF, in my 2nd year of the nursing program, I see for myself how expensive college is for the families as well as the students themselves. Papa feels that everyone who has the motivation to go to college should have that opportunity, and that’s why he started the Crisafi Challenge.”



Max Hurley

“Having just joined the team at the UF College of Pharmacy and meeting Dr. Bob for the first time, it was immediately clear that his personality and drive to support the best and brightest students was truly infectious! The care and love that he has for the University of Florida, the College of Pharmacy, and future generations of Gator Pharmacists  is breathtaking. He has put a passion and a vision into immediate impact through the Crisafi Challenge! Through his actions, we are able to continue our climb towards a Top 5 national institution.”

Max Hurley 600x400


Vincent Bilotti, Kappa Psi Brother – Gamma Lambda Chapter

“I’ve donated to the Crisafi Challenge because Doc explained to all of the graduate brothers of Kappa Psi exactly how the monies collected would be used for scholarships and nothing else.  I think that information is very useful because I know exactly where my donation is going. Anyone who has been to a pharmacy college knows that books, lab fees, lab coats, and other things like transportation are additional costs on top of tuition. I also like the idea that whatever I donate will be doubled because of Doc’s matching gift.”

Vinny Bilotti 600x400


Bob Pasquariello, Kappa Psi Brother – Gamma Lambda Chapter

“Dr. Bob has established a challenge to help pharmacy students in need.  Dr. Bob’s whole career is committed to the profession of pharmacy and helping students to make a career in pharmacy.  He has been a professor, a retail pharmacist and an entrepreneur, but he never lost sight of helping the next generation of students.  This challenge is for all of us to help those coming after us to succeed.  For me, the challenge is to help give back to the profession of pharmacy and some of the benefits I have received by being a pharmacist.”

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Emma Coscia

“I have known Bob for more than 20 years. I have witnessed so many good things that he has done to help people over those 20 years. Recently Bob was explaining to me about the Crisafi Challenge. He showed me his website and the first eight young people who became Crisafi Scholars in 2015.  When I read all of the things he is doing for those young people who are in need of financial help to attend college at the University of Florida, I decided to make a contribution to help him reach his challenge goal. This is a first for me and I hope it helps these young students attain their dreams of becoming a pharmacist. Good Luck Bob!”

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Philip Tarallo

“The Crisafi Challenge Scholarship Fund  is as important to Bob Crisafi as any business endeavor that he has ever undertaken.  In Dr. Bob’s own words, “when it comes to the “Challenge” I have a tendency to over-extend my passion to others because I know the excellent things that the Program has done for financially burdened students who wish to become pharmacists”.    The Challenge is an example of a grateful alum who, through this initiative, has sought to do something on an extraordinary level to help others.  While many talk of giving back, Dr. Bob has demonstrated the depth of his appreciation to the UF College of Pharmacy in a very profound way. I am one of the three Tarallo brothers who have had the privilege of knowing and working with Dr. Bob for the past 38 years in our business, Lyne Laboratories, Inc.   The story of how we came together is presented in a separate testimonial, and I encourage you to read it.   I’m certain that Bob’s generous spirit, his kindness, and his willingness to teach, mentor and lead motivated him to create the Challenge simply because worthy students would benefit.   Please consider that providing opportunities to pharmacy students who might otherwise not get a place at the table  is potentially life-changing.   Stop and think about that as you contemplate the value and significance of your support.”

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Fred Matula, Kappa Psi Brother – Gamma Lambda Chapter

“Doc Bob is and always was concerned regarding young pharmacy students. In 1956 he started the Gamma Lambda Chapter of KY @ the New England College of Pharmacy (now Northeastern University College of Pharmacy).  When I began my pharmacy studies, in September of 1960, I was immediately impressed with the brothers of the KY fraternity. After I became a brother, I realized the hard work that Dr. Crisafi had put into starting the Chapter and making it successful. Now having met Doc personally on a number of occasions, I see that he still has that desire to help young pharmacy students. It is a pleasure to contribute to the Crisafi Challenge and to help these students get accepted to the UF. The pharmacy profession has been rewarding for me and will be for the Crisafi scholars after they earn their Pharm.D. degree.”

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Diane Beck

“Even with cost of living adjustments, the cost of a degree today is more than what my pharmacy classmates and I faced as a student. By giving to support Crisafi scholarships, I am reassured knowing it will make a difference.  For example, some students will worry less about how to pay their bills and can instead focus more on achieving excellence.  Also, the UF College of Pharmacy will be able to attract the most highly qualified students. As a student, I received a scholarship. I vividly remember writing a thank you note to the donor and how appreciative I felt as I was writing it.   That scholarship certainly lessened my worry about how I would pay for tuition, a dorm room, and books that year.   Perhaps most helpful was that the scholarship bolstered my self-confidence in what I could accomplish (and to study even harder) once I realized the donors were “investing” in me to make a difference in pharmacy.”

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William E. Ruffier, Jr.

“As a Florida Alumni myself, I admire Dr. Crisafi’s ambition to grow the Gator community in an occupation that continues to improve health throughout the world.  The Crisafi Challenge has grown to help more and more students, and even though I am only a small contributor, it makes me proud to be a University of Florida Gator where the alumni are still involved in the bright future of the program.”

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Juan Hincapie-Castillo

“Donating to the Crisafi Challenge is a way to pay it forward. As an alumnus of the College of Pharmacy, I have a sense of responsibility in ensuring not only our college keeps advancing, but also our profession. Our college has outstanding faculty and graduate students; bringing the best student pharmacists is the next step for our college to keep rising in the ranks. Thanks to the leadership of Dr. Crisafi in this task, I am confident the future of our college is very bright.”

Juan Hincapie Castillo


Larisa Cavallari

“I support the Crisafi Challenge because I was fortunate to have similar support for my pharmacy education and know how much it meant to me.  I am now in a position to pay it forward by supporting the next generation of pharmacists.”   Larisa Cavallari

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Christina DeRemer

“Participating in the Crisafi Challenge allows my husband and me to contribute to the training of future pharmacist at the UF College of Pharmacy.  The Crisafi scholars can focus on advancing in the pharmacy profession without financial worries and that is an amazing gift.”

Christina E. DeRemer


John Schriner

“As an annual supporter of UF academically, I have been able to participate in an employer dollar for dollar match most of my career. As my current corporation no longer matches, I find that the Crisafi Challenge lets me continue to have double the impact due to his great generosity!”

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crisafi challenge

Lisa and Michael Jackson

“I witnessed the last day of the 2015 Crisafi Challenge, in the court yard of the Pharmacy College.  I’ll never forget that day.  It was the first year of the Crisafi Challenge. The $10,000 goal was matched and donations kept coming in for a total of more than $32,000.  That was a great day for all my family to witness, especially my Dad.  Dr. Bob is my Dad, and what I do know is that he loves the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. He’s always talking about the Crisafi Scholars who might not have been able to afford going to the University of Florida College of Pharmacy if were not for the donations received, during the Challenge, from loyal alumni and friends. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the finale for the 2016 Challenge, which was another successful year with over $50,000 raised, but I will be there for the 2017 finale. Although we live in Boston, my Dad is constantly working to convince his grandchildren to become Gators. Caitlin, my daughter, is a Gator studying nursing.  That makes Dad very happy!”

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Diana Ching, Kappa Psi Brother – Gamma Lambda Chapter

“I first met Dr. Bob as a Northeastern University pharmacy student and as a Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity brother in April 2015.  He had so generously hosted a luncheon with the Gamma Lambda chapter brothers to reunite and meet new and old faces.  I remember him recounting the beginnings of forming the chapter and about his career path.  With all of his successes, a common theme was that he was always willing to give back to the community and help people achieve their goals.  Once I heard about this scholarship, it was no surprise that he wanted to continue giving back to others.  I am honored to have met such an inspiring man!  The Crisafi Challenge is a unique scholarship and great opportunity to help our future pharmacists receive quality education at UF!”

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Lyne Laboratories, Inc.

Lyne Laboratories’ management and employees are well aware of Dr. Bob’s passion and enthusiasm for helping students who require financial assistance. The intent of Lyne’s donations to the Crisafi Challenge, over the years, has been to augment the donations given by UF COP alumni.  Among the employees of Lyne Laboratories, one will find the widespread presence of pharmacists who occupy key positions in the company. They include: The President and CEO; Regulatory Affairs, VP; Operations Manager, VP; Manufacturing Manager, Production Manager, Research and Development Manager;  Quality Control Manager;  Formulations Manager, and the founder of the Crisafi Challenge, Dr. Bob himself. All of Lyne’s pharmacists applaud this Scholarship Program which is designed to help  Pharm. D. candidates attain their dream of becoming a pharmacist.

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Crisafi challenge

Charles Petalas, Kappa Psi Brother – Gamma Lambda Chapter

“The “Crisafi Challenge” is truly one of the many ways to depict who Dr. Bob is as a person, scholar, visionary and as a human being – always giving back, always thinking of others and always pushing the envelope to create new ways to enhance the profession of pharmacy, pharmacy students, fraternity brothers, friends and other great causes. We are, as members of a great profession, inspired and motivated in joining Dr. Bob in providing financial support to those Pharm.D. students who are the future of Pharmacy.  Congratulations to both Dr. Bob and Barbara for their generosity, leadership and dedication.”

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David DeRemer

“According to AACP data, the 2016 Pharm.D. graduate will amount on average $157,425 in student loan debt.  I applaud the efforts of great philanthropists such as Dr. Crisafi to combat this financial burden placed upon our students.  We eagerly donate annually to this great program that supports excellent students at our College of Pharmacy.”

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Linda James

“I’m always looking for places where I can give and provide a lasting impact. When I heard that the Crisafi Challenge matches donations, it was an easy decision knowing that what I contribute is just the beginning. It gives me joy knowing that a student in need can continue their educational pursuits free of financial burden.”

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David Kelemen

“The reason I give to the fall challenge is to provide resources to advance pharmacist and pharmaceuticals as the primary factor in solving the maladies that plague humanity.  There is a second part to this challenge – the challenge to the faculty, staff and students to use these resources effectively to define the future course for pharmacist to attain these goals.”

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Tom and Janet Schmittgen

The Crisafi Challenge presents us with a reminder and an opportunity to give back what we have been given.  It is a reminder of how the generosity of others helped us when we were pharmacy students.  It is an opportunity to give to a new generation of pharmacy students.  Our students are amazing…and they so much appreciate assistance.  Why we give is important but it is the impact that those donations make is more important.

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KAPPA PSI, Brothers of the Kappa Psi GAMMA SIGMA CHAPTER (UF)

The Crisafi Challenge started by Dr. Bob has been a resounding success and this year has raised the bar to an even higher level. It is an honor to say that this fellow Kappa Psi-Gamma Sigma Chapter Brother was the architect for one of the most successful scholarship programs at the College of Pharmacy. One of our core tenants of Kappa Psi is to “instill high ideals” and the Crisafi Challenge is a prominent example of how our Brothers can do this. Supporting a cause greater than ourselves through this challenge has helped instill this important value in both the Brothers of Gamma Sigma and others who supported the challenge. On behalf of the Gamma Sigma Chapter of Kappa Psi, it has been an honor to contribute to the Crisafi Challenge and support these students and the future of the pharmacy profession.

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Bob Davio, Kappa Psi Brother – Gamma Lambda Chapter

“I’m donating to the Crisafi Challenge because I find it meaningful to help a worthy student realize his/her goal to become a pharmacist.  My own lifetime career spans over a period of 60 years as a hospital pharmacist at the Hartford Hospital in Hartford Connecticut.  Those years have been good to me and my family. Pharmacy is a profession that offers an opportunity to help ordinary people manage their healthcare needs.  By making a donation to the Crisafi Challenge, I feel I’m helping to give worthy students, through scholarship help, the opportunity to receive the same benefits that I have had as a pharmacist in my own life. In addition to being the founder and leader in our fraternity, Dr. Bob was a mentor to me and so many other students when we attending the college of pharmacy at NECP.”

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Joop M. Grevelink

“It has been such a privilege and pleasure to know Bob Crisafi as a neighbor and a patient for over 25 years now. Our connection became even stronger when we realized that my significant other, Natalie Jones, is a proud alumna of the Physician Assistant program at the University of Florida. I have had the pleasure of visiting Gainesville and see for myself the incredible quality of academics there. Bob is a scholar and a gentleman and even at his advanced age is tirelessly working to achieve any goals he has set for himself. The College of Pharmacy is a clear benefactor of his efforts while advancing the quality of applicants and the program as a whole. Go Gators!!!”

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Ashlan Kunz Coyne

“I contributed to the Crisafi Challenge as a current student pharmacist at the University of Florida to facilitate the continued enrollment of high caliber students into our college. I have had the privilege of meeting multiple Crisafi Scholars over the past two years, and I’m confident that they will continue the legacy of excellence that UF College of Pharmacy Gator pharmacists are known for. Thank you, Dr. Bob, for being the catalyst that motivated me and so many others to give back to our college and the pharmacy profession.”

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Michael Schneider

“I choose to give to the Crisafi Challenge because Dr. Bob has done such a wonderful service to the school by starting this project.  It is a wonderful feeling to be able to support students and at the same time have my gift doubled!  Because of Dr. Bob’s generosity, the Crisafi Challenge is the best way for Gator alumni to benefit the college.”

Michael Schneider


Steven Smith

“My wife and I give because we recognize that our success is a direct consequence of many people investing in us. The generous matching by Dr. Crisafi allows us to pay forward that investment two-fold. Beyond that, the funds raised in this program directly benefit not only the student recipients, but all of us associated with the UF College of Pharmacy by strengthening the student body, and therefore the program.”

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Mike Mustard

“I really liked the idea of the new scholarships going to first year Pharmacy students. These could be used to help to recruit out of state applicants that may not have otherwise been able to afford to come to UF. I had the privilege of meeting some of the scholarship recipients earlier this year and I was amazed to see the outstanding character and talent of the students. Their enthusiasm for the profession and for UF was great to see.”

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Daohong Zhou

“I joined UF College of Pharmacy in March 2018 and was immediately impressed by the high quality of our students and the excellency of the education programs in the college. I believe that these are partially attributable to the financial support from the generous donations to the Cristafi Challenge. Therefore, I was delighted to contribute to the challenge.”

Daohong Zhou


Jeenu Philip

“The Crisafi Challenge is one way to give back to the profession and to UF and see exactly who your money is impacting.  It’s wonderful to see the gratitude on the faces of these young students as they realize what an amazing gift they are receiving.”

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Beth King

“Donating to UF College of Pharmacy Crisafi Challenge helps me give back to the next generation of students and make an impact on the future of our profession.  Thank you Dr. Bob for making a difference!”

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Charles Peloquin

“The Crisafi Challenge makes it possible to support students who otherwise would have a difficult time affording this education… a gift that lasts a lifetime.”

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crisafi challenge

Jennifer Tucker

“As a top 10 ranked pharmacy college, it’s an honor to give to our best and brightest students.  I donated to the Crisafi Challenge to provide an opportunity for outstanding students to continue their journey as future pharmacists but also to give back to the college for all the opportunities it has provided to me.”

Jen Tucker 600x400


Adonice Khoury

“I donate to the Crisafi Challenge because I am inspired by Dr. Bob’s gratitude and motivation to give back. His generosity is contagious! Also, the idea that my donation is matched makes my donation literally feel twice as helpful.”

Adonice Khoury, Clinical Associate Professor


JoAnn Nuccio

“Dr. Bob is an inspiration to me. He pushed the envelope to improve dispensing systems for pharmacy. Dr. Bob is a living example of how much can be done with a pharmacy degree. I like to encourage new students to keep an open mind on how they will use their UF College of Pharmacy Doctorate of Pharmacy because the possibilities are endless! Alumni can help the next generation of pharmacists by participating in the Crisafi Challenge!”



Robert Tarallo

“The Crisafi Challenge Scholarship Fund is a passion for Dr. Bob that he loves to share with others. The story of Dr. Bob Crisafi is a unique one. A young pharmacy student from Massachusetts venturing off to UF College of Pharmacy in the late 1950’s. Dr. Bob relied on scholarship support from charitable individuals to make his ambition a reality. Since his graduation from the University of Florida, Dr. Bob has gone on to achieve a very successful career in the pharmaceutical industry. His entrepreneurial spirit has guided him on this long and prosperous journey. Along the way, Dr. Bob never lost his love or connection to the UF College of Pharmacy. He always appreciated the support he received as a young pharmacy student and endeavored over the many years to give-back to the College to support future deserving UF pharmacy students. I have known and worked with Dr. Bob for the past 42-years. I was a young recent graduate of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy when I first met Dr. Bob. I am the youngest of the three Tarallo brothers that have had the privilege of calling Dr. Bob our partner at our business in Massachusetts (Lyne Laboratories, Inc.). Dr. Bob has been a mentor and friend. His generous spirit and caring way have made him an exemplary role model and passionate leader. Dr. Bob established the Crisafi Challenge to provide resources for worthy aspiring pharmacy students who otherwise may not have been able to achieve their dream, just like Dr. Bob so many years ago. I encourage you to consider supporting this wonderful and worthwhile cause. You will be helping to make a “dream come true” for some less fortunate aspiring young pharmacy student.”

Robert Tarallo


Barbara Vincent

“Dr. Robert Crisafi, who I call Cousin Bob, blends his passions of education, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship to enhance the lives of students hoping to attend the U of F’s Pharmacy Program by creating the Crisafi Challenge. I have known Dr. Bob my entire life.
Dr. Bob started up an outstanding company in Massachusetts several years ago through innovation, creativity, leading from the front, and is highly ethical, all traits of a successful entrepreneur. He is also thoughtful and compassionate.
In the spirit of giving back, Dr. Crisafi’s philanthropy has significantly expanded the opportunities available to enhance the lives of the next generation of pharmacy students. By matching his resources, Doctor Crisafi’s Challenge makes pharmacy school at the U of F a reality for many, and with that, comes the key to all other successes.
Doctor Bob is investing in the futures of bright students who, otherwise, could not afford college. The reason for the “Challenge” is to inspire and to foster successful students. A scholarship will make students and their families very happy and will ease the process of attending college, to a great extent, as the cost of higher education continues to rise.
All are invited to take part in this “Challenge,” which I trust will be hugely successful this year!”

Barbara Vincent 600x400


Stephen Reeder

“Giving to the UFCOP has been a long tradition in our family. We have always looked for the long term payout outcome. When the Crisafi Challenge began, we thought that this would be a perfect way to directly support scholarships to recruit the best and the brightest students. Bob Crisafi’s dynamic personality and his commitment to the UFCOP is why we, as alumni and friends of the UFCOP, continue to come forward each year. We have been able to meet the recipients of the Scholarships and hear their stories and why they chose the UFCOP over many others. We hope that by “Paying it Forward” we continue to get those students that will someday step into our footsteps and continue the UFCOP ‘Giving Legacy.’”

stephen reeder 600x400

Crisafi Challenge

Brynn Huysman

“I am honored to be able to give to the Crisafi Challenge. I had the privilege of working with Dr. Bob on this fundraising initiative during my time at the UF College of Pharmacy and he is truly an inspiration. It is amazing to see how the Challenge has transformed over the last few years and I am confident that each year will continue to be a success. I am happy to give and love that my giving goes twice as far because of Dr. Bob’s match! Scholarships are a priority for students at the college, and I am excited to see how many students continue to be positively impacted because of Dr. Bob’s passion for helping others.”

Huysman 600x400

Crisafi Challenge

Brothers of the Kappa Psi Epsilon Mu Chapter

“At the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, the Crisafi Challenge is known to provide a great opportunity for several pharmacy students, so it was an honor to discover that a fellow Kappa Psi Brother, Dr. Robert Crisafi, was the architect of the scholarship program. Furthermore, we learned that Dr. Crisafi has been active in raising money for the University of Florida and has brought together the graduate Brothers on a regular basis to help advance the profession and develop fellowship, one of our four pillars. Looking at another pillar of Kappa Psi, High Ideals, the Crisafi Challenge shows how Brothers can help support a cause greater than ourselves by helping our fellow pharmacy students. Because of this, the Kappa Psi Epsilon Mu Chapter is proud to contribute to the Crisafi Challenge.”

Epsilon Mu


Rhonda Dehoff

“I wanted to contribute to the future of the profession of pharmacy and specifically to the UF College of Pharmacy students.”


Crisafi Challenge

Douglas Kennedy

“I’m pleased to have contributed to the Crisafi challenge and honored to write a testimonial for Bob Crisafi, a remarkable individual who excels as an uncle, entrepreneur, pharmaceutical mentor, and embodiment of unwavering faith and integrity. His commitment to the University of Florida further underscores his exceptional character and dedication to education.

As an uncle, Bob’s warmth, and genuine care for his family shine through in every interaction. His invaluable wisdom and guidance shape lives as he models independence and support. His mentoring skills are exceptional, fostering growth while offering guidance.

In the competitive pharmaceutical industry, Bob’s entrepreneurial spirit drives his success. Decades of innovative thinking, strategic insights, and adaptability commendably define his journey. His ventures reflect both business acumen and dedication to positive healthcare impact.

Bob’s true distinction lies in his unwavering integrity and faith. He embodies honesty and ethical standards, setting an example for all. His faith provides a foundation guiding his harmonious decisions, uniting personal beliefs, and professional endeavors.

Moreover, Bob’s connection with the University of Florida underscores his commitment to education and future generations. His engagement showcases understanding of education’s pivotal role. Through appearances, mentorship, and support, Bob enriches the academic experience.

In conclusion, Bob Crisafi impresses as an uncle, entrepreneur, mentor, and advocate of education. His journey and contributions inspire, emphasizing the profound impact of dedication, compassion, and commitment to excellence.”

Douglas - Crisafi Challenge

Crisafi challenge

Ryan O’Dell

“Dr. Bob and Barbara Crisafi have been tremendous brand ambassadors for the University of Florida and many other tremendous causes. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Dr. Bob and Barbara and his daughters and family about 14 years ago through a partnership group that purchased Dr. Bob’s regional unit dose packaging company, RSC. As a serial entrepreneur and pharmacist, Dr. Bob saw the opportunity decades prior to that by creating a cGMP medication packaging business to support the evolving unit dose medication needs of 9 Boston area hospital pharmacies. Dr. Bob has always been proud of his PHD in pharmaceutics from the University of Florida and how important that education was to both his success and the philanthropic work he and Barbara have done for many years. On behalf of me and my family, thanks to Dr. Bob and Barbara for their continued passion for serving others and pharmacy through their scholarship support.”

crisafi challenge 600x400


Brothers of the Kappa Psi Zeta Gamma Chapter

“The Crisafi scholarship, in many ways, embodies the pillars we, as Brothers in Kappa Psi, hold dearly—particularly the Kappa Psi pillar of always reaching for high ideals. Hence the significance of this scholarship for the Zeta Gamma Chapter of the Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity.

We are so proud of our fellow Brother, Dr. Robert Crisafi, for creating this legacy and his continued commitment to furthering the field of pharmacy by supporting the future of tomorrow.

Likewise, this scholarship holds a special place in the heart of Zeta Gamma, as four of our current brothers are Crisafi Scholars. We appreciate this scholarship’s direct contribution to our brother’s journeys, including (in order of school year) Dionna Shine, Aicha Ndiaye, Emmanuel Jallah, and Tyler Broady.

We are so happy to carry on the Kappa Psi legacy of the Crisafi scholarship as we continue to contribute to developing the future of pharmacy with Dr. Crisafi.”

Kappa Psi Zeta Gamma


Toni Harrison

“The University of Florida College of Pharmacy has always been one of the top ranked Colleges of Pharmacy in the state and certainly also in the nation. (Even in my day). I am thankful to have received both my B.S. (’81) and my Doctor of Pharmacy (’84) at UF and am happy to provide funds to assist the college to train our future pharmacists. While the faculty and students change, the mission remains the same. Go Gators!”

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