International Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences

International advanced pharmacy practice experiences, or APPE, take place in the pharmacy student’s fourth year. As part of their assigned APPE schedule, students can apply for the opportunity to complete one of their four week elective APPEs in a foreign country. Students experiences are tailored to the site where the APPE is offered, but all of them provide insight into health care in the host country.

International APPE Perspective

A new perspective on pharmacy

Students participating in an international APPE rotation learn about health care systems and practices outside the United States. These rotations introduce cultural and social practices as well as experience caring for diverse populations of patients.

Short Study Abroad


APPE Sites

Brisbane, Australia

Site: Queensland University of Technology

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Site: Chiang Mai University

Dusseldorf, Germany

Site: Adler Apotheke Velbert

Helsinki, Finland

Site: University of Helsinki

Frankfurt, Germany

Site: University Hospital in Frankfurt

Goeppingen, Germany

Site: Bless You Pharmacy


Site: University of Malta, Karin Grech Hospital

Manchester, UK

Site: The Center for Pharmacy Post-Graduate Education at the International Manchester Pharmacy School

Munich, Germany

Site: Klinikum Rechts Der Isar Munich

New in 2022

Nassau, Bahamas

Site: Princess Margaret Hospital

Pamplona, Spain

Site: The Advanced Medical Center which is associated with the University of Navarra

Tokyo, Japan

Site: Keio University

Application Process

Application Information

The program is open to any fourth-year UF College of Pharmacy student completing their APPE rotations. Applicants are chosen based upon these considerations: Academic Status; Professionalism; Prior International Experience; an Essay; and Scheduling Necessities

Australia Study Abroad


Third-year pharmacy students will apply for the program in the fall, with the first possible international rotation starting in May the following year.

How to Apply

Applications will be accepted through the APPE Canvas site.

Length of Stay

Each rotation lasts six weeks.


Students are expected to cover all their travel expenses. Financial aid is available to some students who qualify.