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The ocean is calling and beneath its surface dwells an unseen power to heal. Dr. Hendrik Luesch explores the world’s oceans in search of natural compounds that treat cancer and other deadly diseases. In these uncharted waters, lies new chemistry, new biology and new cures just waiting to be revealed. His discoveries have already provided the basis for various FDA-approved cancer treatments and new starting points to treat pancreatic, colon, breast and ovarian cancers, as well as ocular and autoimmune diseases. He is also working on the development of broad-spectrum antivirals to combat COVID-19 and future pandemics.

Dr. Hendrik Luesch

Answering the Call

In an ocean of possibilities, Dr. Hendrik Luesch is answering the call to make the next great drug discovery. His work takes him below the surface of the sea, where new medicines harbor hope for a healthier tomorrow.

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Meet Dr. Hendrik Luesch

The Scientist

Dr. Hendrik Luesch serves as a professor of medicinal chemistry and the Debbie And Sylvia DeSantis Chair In Natural Products Drug Discovery And Development in the University of Florida College of Pharmacy

Hendrik Luesch

The Explorer

From Southeast Asia to the islands in the Florida Keys, Dr. Luesch has traveled the world’s oceans in search of new medicines. The biodiversity of the sea offers immense opportunities for drug discovery.

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The Researcher

The Luesch lab lies at the interface of chemistry and biology. Along with a team of researchers at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, his lab is addressing multiple aspects of the drug discovery process.

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Finding New Organisms and Drug Leads is Only the Beginning

Dr. Hendrik Luesch's lab can perform the entire spectrum of discovery and early development research. His team of researchers can recreate the natural products in the labs by chemical synthesis, optimize their properties (if necessary), characterize the mechanism of action and determine the biological target and perform extensive preclinical testing.

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The Team Behind the Science

Dr. Hendrik Luesch leads a team of scientists in the Center for Natural Products, Drug Discovery & Development who aim to fully exploit the biosynthetic and therapeutic potential of untapped biodiversity for drug discovery.

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