Short Study Abroad Programs

Short study abroad programs are elective courses which allow Pharm.D. students to learn about heath care in other parts of the globe. After preparatory work, the students spend two weeks guided by a faculty member exploring general health care and pharmacy-specific activities in the host countries.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." – French Author Marcel Proust

A Trip of a Lifetime

From the Far East to Finland, short study abroad opportunities offer UF College of Pharmacy students the ability to immerse themselves in other cultures and explore pharmacy's global impact.

Exploring the Blue Mountains in Australia.


The UF College of Pharmacy offers eight short study abroad trips in 13 different countries. Each trip will include stops in some of the world’s most fascinating cities.


* Brisbane
* Sydney


* Berlin
* Dusseldorf
* Muenster
* Munich


* Birmingham
* Dublin
* Edinburg
* Glasgow
* London


* Florence
* Malta
* Rome
* Siena


* Gifu
* Tokyo


* Copenhagen
* Helsinki
* Oslo
* Stockholm


* Grenada
* Madrid (option)
* Malaga (option)


* Bangkok
* Chiang Mai

Application Process

Short Study Abroad Cologne

Why Apply?

Short study abroad trips provide insight into health care in a different country. These cultural experiences broaden ones view of health care opportunities and challenges around the world.

Who Can Apply?

Any UF College of Pharmacy Pharm.D. student in their first, second or third year can apply. These considerations are given when reviewing an application:
* Academic Status
* Professionalism
* Prior Experience
* Upperclassman

What Does the Program Involve?

There are three elements of the program from start to finish.
* Pre-Program
* In-Country Program
* Post-Program

What is the Pre-Program?

The pre-program includes readings and reflections and preparation for an in-program presentation on some of these topics:
* Why you chose pharmacy
* What are you learning in pharmacy school
* What do pharmacists do in the U.S.
* What is it like to be a Gator pharmacist

What is the In-Country Program?

While the study abroad trip includes a lot of exploration, it also features the following pharmacy-related activities:
* Meetings with hosts
* Presentations about pharmacy practice in the U.S.
* Group dinner discussions
* Digital journal

What is the Post-Program?

When the short study abroad trip concludes, the student pharmacist is expected to do the following:
* Complete a self-assessment
* Create a video explaining what they learned during the trip
* Make a presentation to the IPSF student organization or a local community group