Danxin Wang

Danxin Wang, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department: Pharmacotherapy & Translational Research
Business Phone: (352) 273-7673
Business Email: danxin.wang@cop.ufl.edu

About Danxin Wang

Dr. Wang received her MD degree from Fudan University Medical School and her Ph.D from the Academy of Military Medical Science in Beijing. She did postdoctoral training at the University of California San Francisco. She was a Research Assistant Professor at Ohio State University, Department of Cancer Biology and Genetics and Associate Director of Center for Pharmacogenomics prior to joining the University of Florida.

Dr. Wang’s research interests are the discovery of genetic biomarkers for personalized drug therapy. She has discovered many functional regulatory variants in genes related to drug therapy in the areas of cardiovascular diseases, mental diseases and drug dependence. Some of these functional variants are currently included in biomarker testing panels to predict drug response.

Funded by NIH R01 award, “Expression genetics of CYP3A drug metabolizing enzymes”, Dr. Wang’s current research is to understand factors controlling the expression of CYP3A, the main drug metabolizing enzyme in the liver. Using recently developed cutting edge functional genetics/genomics approaches, the research will focus on understanding what genetic, epigenetic and non-genetic factors may contribute to CYP3A variability, with the goal to identify biomarker predicting CYP3A enzyme activity for personalized therapy of nearly 50% of currently used medications.

Dr. Wang has served as an Associate Editor of “European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences” and was on editorial Board of “Journal of Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacoproteomics”. She has also served as grant reviewer for NIH.


May 2018 ACTIVE
Genetic determinants of ACEI prodrug activation
UNIV OF MICHIGAN · Principal Investigator
May 2018 ACTIVE
Expression Genetics of CYP3A Drug Metabolizing Enzymes
NATL INST OF HLTH NIGMS · Principal Investigator
May 2018 ACTIVE
Translational candidate-gene studies of simvastatin-induced myopathy in African Americans
OHIO STATE UNIV · Principal Investigator


1999 · Academy of Military Medical Sciences
1988 · Fudan University Medical School
1985 · Fudan University Medical School

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(352) 273-7673