Strategic Plan


Preeminence in education, pharmaceutical sciences research and patient care that optimizes the health and wellness of individuals and communities.


We improve the lives of others locally and globally through a climate of discovery to develop future leaders in pharmacy practice and science, support research across the spectrum from drug discovery to medication use in society, advance pharmacy practice to optimize patient-centered care and health care delivery, and foster lifelong learning.

College Goals


Professional Education

Prepare Pharm.D. graduates to become leaders who improve the health and wellness of individuals and communities and advance pharmacy practice into the future.

Goal #2

Research and Graduate Education

Discovery new knowledge to improve the lives of other through high-impact research and provide outstanding research training in areas core to the college.

Goal #3

Clinical Practice

Create, evaluate and disseminate innovative and transformative pharmacy practice models that result in high-quality, cost-effective, patient-centered care that improves lives.

Goal #4

Diversity and Inclusion

Stimulate a culture that promotes diversity and inclusion within an exceptional community of students, faculty and staff.

Goal #5

Lifelong Learning

Foster a culture that supports lifelong learning for faculty and staff and expands access for a global community seeking advanced knowledge and skills.

College of Pharmacy Strategic Plan