Diversity Week 2022

April is Diversity Month which is an excellent time for the college to recognize and celebrate our rich cultures and populations. By celebrating the unique cultures, backgrounds, and traditions of our College of Pharmacy community, we can gain a greater appreciation for the diversity that surrounds us. Please join us for the College of Pharmacy Diversity Week, April 4-8, 2022.

Schedule of Events

Planned events include a trivia night and game night where you can test your knowledge of diversity and health equity topics; a virtual presentation about mental health in the BIPOC community; the inaugural Diversity Jam and International Walkway; a documentary screening about the health care divide in America following COVID-19; and a panel discussion about diversity, inclusion and health equity within UF Health.

Monday, April 4 (4 p.m.)

Trivia Contest and Game Night

Put your knowledge about diversity and health equity to the test and help your campus win the diversity week trivia contest. Prizes will be awarded!

Bring your favorite board game from a unique culture to play following the trivia contest.

Gainesville Location: Communicore C1-015
Jacksonville Location: DuBow Family Classroom
Orlando Location: Room 234

Tuesday, April 5 (6 p.m.)

Mental Health in the BIPOC Community (Zoom Event)

Selena Webster Bass, M.P.H., is a Jacksonville native with more than 20 years of experience in health equity, community health, and cultural and linguistic competence. She will deliver a virtual seminar on mental health in the BIPOC community.

Wednesday, April 6 (4 P.M.)

Diversity Jam and International Walkway

Showcase your poetry, artwork or musical talents during the inaugural Diversity Jam and International Walkway. Events will take place at all three campuses, with artwork on display throughout the week.

We also welcome you to dress in your respective cultural clothes all day and show off. Whether clothes used for a cultural festival, holiday or tradition — you are welcomed to wear it.

Gainesville Location: Communicore C1-011
Jacksonville Location: DuBow Family Classroom
Orlando Location: Room 234

Thursday, April 7 (6 p.m.)

Documentary Screening and Discussion (Zoom Event)

Watch the PBS and NPR documentary “The Healthcare Divide” on Zoom and come together for a discussion around the film that explores the growing inequities in American health care exposed by COVID-19.


The Healthcare Divide

The documentary discussed in the April 7 panel discussion about the inequities in American health care exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Friday April 8 (1 p.m.)

Examining DIHE at UF Health

Join Marsha Currin McGriff, Ed.D., UF’s new chief diversity officer, and a panel of leaders from the academic colleges at UF Health, for a discussion about the vision for strengthening the UF Health community through diversity, inclusion and health equity.

Gainesville Location: Communicore 1-17
Jacksonville Location: Skills Lab
Orlando Location: Room 334

How You Can Participate

If you would like to participate in these events, please click the event button below.