Strategic Plan 2025-2030

The UF College of Pharmacy is excited to start envisioning the future of our college by launching the planning phase for a new strategic plan. Below you will find detailed information regarding guiding principles and timelines related to the planning phase. The strategic plan is a crucial roadmap for the success of an organization, and our strategic plan will assist with the direction of the college by prioritizing efforts and forward-focused visions. Your involvement and contributions are imperative to the success of developing our next strategic plan.

Message from dean peter w. swaan

Dean Peter Swaan

UF College of Pharmacy

Dean Peter W. Swaan

Our Guiding Principles

Bold Vision

Embrace curiosity, positioning the UF College of Pharmacy as a leader in shaping the future of pharmacy through excellence, innovation and transformative change.

Agility and Adaptability

Be responsive and flexible to changes, emerging trends and unforeseen disruptions, allowing the UF College of Pharmacy to pivot as needed while remaining focused on long-term objectives.


Foster an environment of open dialogue, actively seeking feedback from a diverse range of stakeholders to ensure clarity and accessibility in communication that builds trust and collaboration.


Commit to ongoing and open engagement, embrace multiple perspectives and make decisions that reflect the broader UF College of Pharmacy community.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Utilize quantitative and qualitative data to evaluate internal and external factors, identify opportunities and challenges, and inform strategic priorities.

Performance Measurement and Accountability

Establish clear metrics and key performance indicators to monitor progress toward strategic goals and objectives.


Strategic Plan Timeline