Resources on Race

Anti-asian violence resources


Willing to be Disturbed

Calling In vs Calling Out

Language of Appeasement

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Privileged Identity Exploration (PIE) Model

Race and Anti-Racism Education 

Are you an intellectual?

Dr. Ibram Kendi, UF Commencement Speech

An Argument Between Racist and Anti-Racist Ideas

Dr. Ibram X. Kendi

TedTalks to help you understand racism in America

“The other America”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Stanford – 1967

Black Feminism & the Movement for Black Lives

Barbara Smith, Reina Gossett, Charlene Carruthers (50:48)

White Fragility

Dr. Robin DiAngelo discusses (1:23:30)

How Studying Privilege Systems Can Strengthen Compassion

Peggy McIntosh at TEDxTimberlaneSchools (18:26)

Dark Room Methodology: Bringing Light to Structural Racism

Vibhuti Arya | TEDxRutgers

TED and TEDx Talks About Racism and Actions to How Eliminate It

GatorTales (UF’s desegregation story)

Being nice is not going to end racism

Dr. Robin DiAngelo

White people assume niceness is the answer to racial inequality. It’s not

Teaching about race, racism, and police violence

New York Times Op-Docs/ Conversations on Race

MTV Decoded w/ Franchesca Ramsey

It’s Not Your Coworkers’ Job to Teach You About Social Issues

NPR – Code Switch: Race and Identity, Remixed

Race & Ethnicity: Crash Course

The Myth of Race – Debunked

NPR: How Black men try to appear non-threatening

A Class Divided – Brown Eye Blue Eye Experiment

PBS Frontline: Jane Elliott

Separate and Unequal – Exploring the Racial Divide in American Schools

PBS Frontline

29 Movies, Shows, and Documentaries to Watch to Educate Yourself on Racial Injustice

A Racial Justice Guide to Thanksgiving for Educators and Families

Recognizing Race in Language: Why We Capitalize “Black” and “White”

Institutionalized Racism: A Syllabus

How can we help students understand George Floyd’s death in the context of institutionalized racism?

The Anti-Racist Starter Pack

40 TV Series, Documentaries, Movies, TED Talks, and Books to Add to Your List

Combating Racism

How you can get involved from the UF Graham Center Fellows

Joy and Self-Care as Resistance 

Cultivating hope through acts of affirmation

UF WELLS Healing and Research Collective

Teaching for Joy and Justice

Radical Self-Care in the Face of Mounting Racial Stress

Plan your Joy w/ Michelle Obama (47:20)

10 Smart Self-Care Tips to Avoid Stress and Increase Joy

Creating Joy in your Workplace

Self-Care: A Help Guide

Inclusion in the Classroom 

Does Diversity Make a Difference

Reconsidering the Inclusion of Diversity in the Curriculum

Inclusive Teaching Strategies

Literature Overview: Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Awareness for Classroom and Outreach Education

8 actions to reduce racism in college classrooms

Decolonize your Syllabus

How Culturally Responsive Lessons Teach Critical Thinking

Rigor and cultural responsiveness are not mutually exclusive

Facilitating Dialogue 

Cornell University “I” Statements Podcast

Program on Intergroup Dialogue (University of Michigan)

AACU Engaging Diversity for Personal and Social Responsibility

Preventing and Addressing Incivility in the Classroom

Inclusive Leadership 

Multicultural Organization Development Model

Intercultural Development Inventory

Deloitte – Six signature traits of inclusive leadership

Deloitte – D&I 8 Powerful Truths

Ten Strategies to Intentionally Use Group Work to Transform Hate, Facilitate Courageous Conversations, and Enhance Community Building

Understanding Unconscious/Implicit Bias 

4 steps for busting unconscious bias

Your Unconscious Bias Trainings Keep Failing Because You’re Not Addressing Systemic Bias

New York Times – Who, Me? Biased?


The Urgency of Intersectionality

Kimberle Crenshaw (TED Talk)


(video to address misuse of the term/concept)

Cite Black Women Collective

Allyship and Action 

UF – CWC Best Allyship Movement

5 Tips for Being an Ally

Social Action, Leadership, and Transformation Model

Allyship – The Key To Unlocking The Power Of Diversity

Understanding Microaggressions 

The danger of a single story

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Microaggressions Are A Big Deal

How To Talk Them Out And When To Walk Away



Professional Associations

Social Media Accounts

Additional Resources

Films and TV series to watch

  • 13th (Ava DuVernay) — Netflix
  • American Son (Kenny Leon) — Netflix
  • Black Power Mixtape: 1967-1975 — Available to rent
  • Blindspotting (Carlos López Estrada) — Hulu with Cinemax or available to rent
  • Clemency (Chinonye Chukwu) — Available to rent
  • Dear White People (Justin Simien) — Netflix
  • Fruitvale Station (Ryan Coogler) — Available to rent
  • I Am Not Your Negro (James Baldwin doc) — Available to rent or on Kanopy
  • If Beale Street Could Talk (Barry Jenkins) — Hulu
  • Just Mercy (Destin Daniel Cretton) — Available to rent for free in June in the U.S.
  • King In The Wilderness  — HBO
  • See You Yesterday (Stefon Bristol) — Netflix
  • Selma (Ava DuVernay) — Available to rent for free in June in the U.S.
  • The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution — Available to rent
  • The Hate U Give (George Tillman Jr.) — Available to rent for free
  • When They See Us (Ava DuVernay) — Netflix




Even more