Undergraduate Research: University Research Scholars Program

FY 2019

Eligibility and Nominations

Each department in the College of Pharmacy is eligible to nominate qualified undergraduate students. Undergraduate students must be in their last two years of their academic program and have maintained an overall GPA of 3.0 or better. Students would conduct the majority of their research during the summer of 2019 and can continue their work during the following academic year by taking research-oriented courses in the college for credit. The research project may be completed in any of the College of Pharmacy courses listed below. Students may sign up for 1-2 credits/semester in each course.

  • PHA 4911   Problems in Pharmacodynamics
  • PHA 4914   Problems in Pharmacotherapy & Translational Research
  • PHA 4910   Problems in Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy
  • PHA 4912   Problems in Pharmaceutics
  • PHA 4913   Problems in Medicinal Chemistry

The College of Pharmacy will accept nominations up to but not later than Feb. 1, 2019. Nominations should include a copy of the student’s application and a letter from the faculty supervisor. Send completed application packets to Dr. Maureen Keller-Wood, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Box 100484, Room 4-332, HPNP Building.

Apply to Program

Selection Process

Selection of the Undergraduate University Scholars within the College of Pharmacy will be made through the Graduate Studies Committee in the College of Pharmacy. Students will be notified of their selection by March 1, 2019, along with the faculty mentors and department chairs.

Once the student is selected, they are required to attend a mandatory orientation offered by USP.

Selected students will receive $1750 stipend for the supervised research, disbursed in two payments (Sept. and May). The faculty mentor will also receive $500 that can be used for travel or other research-related needs.

Presentation and Publication of Research Projects

College of Pharmacy Undergraduate Research Scholars will have two opportunities to present their research projects during the Spring Semester of any given year. These will be at the College and University level. Each University Scholar in the College of Pharmacy will be expected to present their research results at the College of Pharmacy’s Annual Research Showcase. Undergraduate students participating in research throughout the College of Pharmacy will compete via poster presentations.  In addition, at a special University Scholars Symposium, Scholars are now required to present their research results as either posters or oral presentations.

University Scholars performing research within the College of Pharmacy are now also required to prepare and submit their work at a minimum in the university’s on-line journal Undergraduate Research and, if worthy, in any other established scientific journal related to their line of research.

2019 University Scholars Application

Additional information is available on the University Scholars Program page.