Pharm.D. Student Research Opportunities

Luesch LabPharm.D. students have the opportunity to do research with faculty in the College of Pharmacy. Research may be undertaken during summer research projects and research electives. These projects can also be used, as can projects conducted as part of APPEs, to fulfill the requirements for graduation with honors.

Research Electives

  • 2PD and 3PD students may take up to 2 credits of Research electives with approval of the Office of Student Affairs
  • Students may also register for Research electives during Summer A or B. In order to do so students must request IPPE/APPEs so that their schedule will allow the requisite number of hours in the research setting. For one credit hour this is a minimum of 48 contact hours (not including preparation time).

Intensive Summer Research Program

For those students interested in pursuing a Ph.D., we offer an Intensive Summer Research Program to explore graduate research, which includes full-time research, participation in a journal club during the program, and a presentation of the research at the conclusion of the program.

Honors Thesis

Research conducted as part of Research electives, ISRP or APPEs may be used for an Honors Thesis. Requirements for the thesis research paper can be found at Academic Honors.