Pharm.D. Student Research Opportunities

PharmD/PhD Program PicturePharm.D. students have the opportunity to do research with faculty in the College of Pharmacy. Research may be undertaken during summer research projects, research electives and as part of APPEs.

  • Information about research electives can be found here, and a video about electives can be watched here (must have Canvas access to view).
  • For information about applying your research experience towards graduation with honors, visit the Honors Research site in Canvas.
  • For those students interested in the Pharm.D./Ph.D. Program, and related research activities, please consult the information on the dual Pharm.D./Ph.D. degree program. We offer an Intensive Summer Research Program for prospective dual degree students to explore graduate research, which includes full-time research, participation in a journal club during the program, and a presentation of the research at the conclusion of the program.
  • The Research Compliance Approval Form can be found here.

Faculty who have indicated an interest in participating in research elective coursework

Medicinal Chemistry

  • Yousong Ding
  • Margaret O. James
  • Chenglong Li
  • Christopher McCurdy


  • Bonnie Avery
  • Sihem Bihorel
  • Jurgen Bulitta


  • Jason Frazier
  • Jay McLaughlin
  • Lance McMahon
  • Joanna Peris
  • Bin Liu
Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy

  • Joshua Brown
  • Rich Segal
  • Almut Winterstein

Pharmocotherapy and Translational Research

  • Larisa Cavallari
  • Rhonda Cooper-DeHoff
  • Ken Klinker
  • Folakemi Odedina
  • Stacy Voils