34th Annual Research Showcase Sponsors


Ibrahim Dawwas Award for Cancer Research

Sponsored by Dr. Ghadeer Dawwas ’18

Pain, Addiction and CNS Disorders Research Award

Sponsored by Dr. David Wallace ’91

PharmD Research

Sponsored by Dr. John Markowitz

Linden Jovu00e9 Family Chronic Disease Award

Sponsored by Linden JovuĂ© Family (Dr. Stephan Linden, ’13)

Generous Support of Poster Awards

Dr. Fatma Al-Awadhi ’17, Dr. Xinyue Liu ’15, Dr. Fuxing Tang ’00, Dr. Janice Cacace ’91, and Dr. Navin Goyal ’09 for their generous support of the showcase.

Oral Junior Competition Sponsored by

Dr. Maureen Keller-Wood

Oral senior Clinical Science Competition Sponsored by

Dr. Julie Johnson

Oral Millard Basic Science Competition Sponsored by

Dr. Meharvan Singh – BS ’89; PhD ’94