Hybrid Event

2021 Research Showcase

This year more than any other, itu2019s important to recognize the outstanding research contributions our students and trainees have shared with our college and the scientific community.

34th annual UF College of Pharmacy Research Showcase 2021
Dean Julie Johnson

A letter from the Dean

u0022Itu2019s been a truly remarkable year for research in the UF College of Pharmacy, and 34th Annual Research Showcase offers a unique opportunity to celebrate all our achievements.u0022

Welcome to the University of Florida College of Pharmacy’s 34th Annual Research Showcase. This year more than any other, it’s important to recognize the outstanding research contributions our students and trainees have shared with our college and the scientific community. These young scientists have persevered through a worldwide pandemic and the two month closure of most research labs on campus. Despite these challenges, they have advanced science and pushed new discoveries that improve human health. In some cases, they’ve contributed to the growing body of literature and understanding of COVID-19.

Research Showcase was founded more than three decades ago to bring greater visibility to student and trainee research and promote collaboration amongst departments. While this year’s event will have a different look and feel, the spirit of our oral and poster competitions will continue in a hybrid format. The tradition of welcoming an accomplished scientist as our keynote speaker continues as well, as we welcome Kathy Giacomini, Ph.D., from the University of California San Francisco. Her research focuses on the role membrane transporters play in pharmacogenomics and drug response.

Congratulations to all our students and trainees presenting this week and a special thank you to the faculty and staff who have supported their efforts. It’s been a truly remarkable year for research in the UF College of Pharmacy, and 34th Annual Research Showcase offers a unique opportunity to celebrate all our achievements.

Dr. Julie Johnson, PharmD

Dean and Distinguished Professor
College of Pharmacy
University of Florida

Kathleen M Giacomini


Transporters in Precision Medicine: From Genomewide Association Studies to Functional Genomics

Kathleen M. Giacomini, Ph.D.

Kathy Giacomini, a professor in the School of Pharmacy at the University of California, San Francisco, is a leader in the field of membrane transporters with a focus on genetic polymorphisms.  She cloned, characterized and discovered the endogenous role of the human xenobiotic transporter, OCT1 (SLC22A1), and recently de-orphaned SLC22A24, an anion exchanger that preferentially transports steroid glucuronide conjugates. 

Together with others, she co-founded the International Transporter Consortium, which has published highly impactful papers informing regulatory policy.  She is the Co-Principal Investigator of the UCSF-Stanford Center of Excellence in Regulatory Sciences and Innovation and President of the Pharmacogenomics Research Network.  She has received numerous awards and is an elected member of the National Academy of Medicine.

u003cstrongu003eScheduleu003c/strongu003e of Events

Monday, April 12, 2021

Virtual Networking Lounge
8:00am – 8:30am

Poster Competition 
Graduate Students: Cancer (8:30am – 10:30am)
Graduate Students: Pain & Addiction (9:30am- 12:00pm)
Graduate Students: Chronic Diseases (12:30pm – 3:00pm)
Graduate Students: Infectious Diseases (1:30pm – 4:00pm)
Graduate Students: Drug Metabolism, Interactions, & Outcomes (2:30pm – 5:00pm)

Student Research

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Virtual Networking Lounge
8:00am – 8:30am

Poster Competition 
Postdoctoral Trainees & Residents (8:30am – 11:30am)
PharmD Students: Group A (8:00am – 9:30am)
PharmD Students: Group B (9:00am – 10:30am)
PharmD Students: Group C (10:00am – 11:30am)
Undergraduate Students (10:00am – 11:30am)

Oral Presentation Competition
12:30pm – 3:30pm

Virtual Networking Lounge
3:30pm – 4:00pm

Keynote Speaker
4:00pm – 5:00pm

Awards Presentation

Poster Competition


Grad: Chronic DiseasesJenny WeiPharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy
Grad: Chronic DiseasesBrandon Warren Pharmacodynamics
Grad: Chronic DiseasesCaitrin McDonoughPharmacotherapy & Translational Research
Grad: Infectious diseasesYan GongPharmacotherapy & Translational Research
Grad: Infectious diseasesRodrigo CristofolettiPharmaceutics
Grad: Infectious DiseasesJenny WilkersonPharmacodynamics
Grad: Drug Metabolism, Interactions, & OutcomesJingchuan Serena GuoPharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy
Grad: Drug Metabolism, Interactions, & OutcomesMarco MottinelliMedicinal Chemistry
Grad: Drug Metabolism, Interactions, & OutcomesJatinder LambaPharmacotherapy & Translational Research
Grad: CancerYousong DingMedicinal Chemistry
Grad: CancerTakato HiranitaPharmacodynamics
Grad: CancerFan ZhangPharmaceutics
Grad: Pain & AddictionAimie GoodinPharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy
Grad: Pain & AddictionWill de LartiguePharmacodynamics
Grad: Pain & AddictionJohn MarkowitzPharmacotherapy & Translational Research
PostDoc Trainees & ResidentsChris McCurdyMedicinal Chemistry
PostDoc Trainees & ResidentsLance McMahonPharmacodynamics
PostDoc Trainees & ResidentsLarisa CavallariPharmacotherapy & Translational Research
Undergraduate StudentsChris XingMedicinal Chemistry
Undergraduate StudentsJoanna PerisPharmacodynamics
Undergraduate StudentsAbhisheak SharmaPharmaceutics
PharmD ARich Segal Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy
PharmD AMargaret JamesMedicinal Chemistry
PharmD ACary MobleyPharmaceutics
PharmD BHui ShaoPharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy
PharmD BEmily CicaliPharmacotherapy & Translational Research
PharmD BSarah KimPharmaceutics
PharmD CLaura HappePharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy
PharmD CGustavo de Miranda SeabraMedicinal Chemistry
PharmD CJinmai JiangPharmaceutics


Ibrahim Dawwas Award for Cancer Research

Sponsored by Dr. Ghadeer Dawwas

Pain, Addiction and CNS Disorders Research Award

Sponsored by Dr. David Wallace

PharmD Research

Sponsored by Dr. John Markowitz

Linden Jovu00e9 Family Chronic Disease Award

Sponsored by Linden Jovué Family (Dr. Stephan Linden, ’13)

Generous Support of Poster Awards

Dr. Fatma Al-Awadhi ’17, Dr. Xinyue Liu ’15, Dr. Fuxing Tang ’00, Dr. Janice Cacace ’91, and Dr. Navin Goyal ’09 for their generous support of the showcase.


Primary AuthorAdditional AuthorsTitle of Research
Jessica MamallapalliJ. Botello; C. XingKava inhibits norepinephrine-induced cAMP production in lung cancer cells
Yuma OrtizJ. Wilkerson; L. McMahonMitragynine reverses paclitaxel chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy
Richard MarreroA. Elsayed; N. Nguyen; X. Cao; H. Wu; S. Raimondi; R. Riberio; J. Rubnitz; S. Pounds; J. LambaAssociation of genetic polymorphisms in SAMHD1 gene on clinical outcomes in AML
Zachary RabinowitzL. CuiDevelopment of bioavailable substrate-based probes for PARP-1
Sebastian JuglC. Chang; Y. Wang; J. BrownReal-world patterns of CDK4/6 inhibitor associated interstitial-lung disease
Jing PeiD. Lyu; Y. Xiao; G. Zheng; D. ZhouExplore the potential of piperlongumine (PL) as a new E3 ligase ligand
Nam NguyenH. Wu; J. Ping; J. Rubnitz; S. Pounds; J. LambaLeukemic cell proteomic profiling in pediatric AML: a pilot study
Kelton SchleyerJ. Liu; Z. Wang; B. Fetrow; P. Fatland; A. Rollins; V. Wajsbrot; H. Guo; L. CuiExpanding the toolkit of small molecule imaging probes for heparanase
Noor Nahid E. Cicali; C. McDonough; Y. Gong; J. JohnsonImpact of CYP2D6 inhibitors on opioid therapy in patients with pain
Ching-Yuan ChangJ. Hincapie-Castillo; D. Wilson; W. Lo-CiganicTrends and characteristics of concurrent opioid use with high-risk medications
Mallory BurnsS. Intagliata; R. Rogers; S. Kamble; J. Cano; T. Kawesa; B. Avery; L. Toll; C. McCurdySAR and SMR investigation of thiol-Linker containing Sigma Receptor ligands
Julio Zuarth-GonzalezA. Patel; R. Patel; M. Patel; L. Gamez-Jimenez; N. Ho; F. Leon; M. Mottinelli; C. McCurdy; L. McMahon; T. Hiranita.Mitragynine attenuates the development of morphine tolerance and withdrawal
Bo SortmanC. Gobin; B. WarrenCocaine seeking is mediated by Fos-expressing ensembles formed during acquisition
Ariana Brice-TuttS. Eans; D. Yakovlev; T. Yakovleva; J. Aldrich; J. McLaughlinDevelopment of a kappa opioid receptor antagonist to treat opioid use disorder
Amy AlleyneL. Wilson; S. Harden; C. McCurdy; C. Frazier; J. McLaughlinSigma-1 ligands modulate methamphetamine sensitization and reward circuitry
Erin BertholdS. Kamble; M. Kuntz; S. Kanumuri; T. King; B; Shaikoski; A; Sharma; C. McCurdyComparative pharmockinetic study of cannabidiol formulations
Ariana FigueroaP. Zhang; A. Alleyne; S. Eans; T. Cirino; J. McLaughlin; S. Stevens; B. LiuEffect of peripheral inflammation on microglial phenotypes: impact of SPP1 KO
Todd SahagianJ. Thinschmidt; S. Harden; E. Krause; J. Peris, C. FrazierOxytocinergic modulation of VTA --> NAc reward circuitry
Morgan CrowleyS. Obeng; V. Pallares; F. Leon; L. Gamez-Jimenez; T. Hiranita; L. McMahon; C. McCurdyPharmacological comparison of a synthetic analog of a mitragyna speciosa alkaloid
Yun ShenA. Goodin; J. BrownPrescribing measures and medical marijuana physician authorization status in FL
Yahan ZhangJ. Bian; J. Huo; S. Yang; Y. Guo; H. ShaoDownstream costs and healthcare utilization of LDCT screening in ADRD patients
Piaopiao LiR. Patel; S. Vouri; L. Shi; V. Fonseca; H. ShaoThe diminishing cost-effectiveness of newer glucose-lowering drug classes in U.S.
Zachary GreenbergM. HeDeep learning directed functionalization of exosomes for precision therapeutics
Earl MorrisN. Tokatly; C. Tortor; S. VouriStatin initiation for secondary prevention of ASCVD events in older adults
Shaimaa ElbalkinyR. Frye; Y.GongAssociation of CES1 and FXR SNPs with susceptibility to NAFLD and NASH in the UKB
Golnoosh Alipour-HarisL. Galiano; C. Hernandez; C.A. Leeflang; Z. Shultz; T. Muir; J. BrownMedication regimen complexity and deprescribing in Alzheimer and related dementia
Jesus Penaloza AponteS. Eikenberry; J. Smith; A. de Kloet; E. Krause; K. ScottAutomated pipeline for analysis of social behavior and neuronal activity in mice
Christelle LteifR. Sharma; J. DuarteMirabegron improves RVSP in a pre-clinical model of PH-HFpEF
Aimalohi OkpekuA. GoodinImpact of mental health on readmissions among persons living with HIV
Shu HuangW. Lo-Ciganic; H. ShaoCost-effectiveness of intensive vs. moderate hypertension treatment in US adults
Mingxin YangM. Yang; G. de LartigueThe role of nutrient-sensing hippocampal neurons in feeding
Jordan HowardT. Sahagian; W. Sheng; S. Harden; J. Thinschmidt; C. FrazierCellular neurophysiology of OTR activation in the rat ventral subiculum
Elham AminiS. Berger; J. Bulitta; G. HochhausCan pharmacokinetics assess the local bioequivalence of suspension nasal sprays?
Ikenna UnigweS. Yang; H. Song; W. Lo-Ciganic; R. Cook; H. ParkTrends of STD in the United States ambulatory care clinics from 2005-2016
Jieqiang ZhouY. Lang; T. Kim; X. Tao; A. Sayed; E. Shin; C. Werkman; A. Louie; G. Drusano; C. Landersdorfer; J. BulittaCharacterizing thermal stability of β-lactam antibiotics in broth, agar and water
Dake LiuT. Wanniarachchi; S. Bruner; Y. DingNovel metabolism of 5-nitroimidazole antibiotics by a pathogen nitroreductase
Chaejin KimJ. Barrett; R. Lowenthal; S. Tanimoto; S. Schmidt; V. VozmedianoDevelopment of a physiologically based nasal absorption model and its application
Evelyn FrancoK. Hanrahan; A. BrownFavipiravir inhibits Zika virus in HeLa cells by modulating viral infectivity
Lobna ElsadekJ. Matthews; S. Nishimura; T. Nakatani; A. Ito; T. Gu; D. Luo; L. Salvador-Reyes; V. Paul; H. Kakeya; H. LueschGenomic and targeted approaches unveil targets of an antifungal natural product
Eunjeong ShinN. Shah; J. Oyer; A. Sayed; D. Sutaria; X. Tao; Y. Lang; J. Zhou; C. Werkman; A. Copik; J. BulittaSynergistic killing of Klebsiella pneumoniae by double β-lactams combinations
Simon BergerE. Amini; J. Bulitta; G. HochhausAlternative regulatory pathway for generic approval of nasal suspensions
Carolin WerkmanN. Shah; D. Lucas; J. Oyer; M. Megroz; A. Sayed; B. Moya; A. Wright; D. Sutaria; X. Tao; Y. Lang; J. Zhou; E. Shin; R. Jiminez-Nieves; K. Cadet; A. Copik; J. Boyce; J. BulittaSynergistic killing of acinetobacter baumannii via penicillin-binding proteins
Garret RubinY. Zhang; K. Patel; M. Guo; A. Ishee; S. Bruner; Y. DingNew enzymology in the biosynthesis of anti-protease tricyclic peptides
Dawei GuanH. ShaoTrends of insulin price across different health insurance plans
Shailina KeshwaniI. Grande; M. Maguire; A. Goodin; S. Vouri; J. Hincapie-CastilloTrends in utilization of prescription NSAIDs following Florida’s HB21 law
Raj DesaiS. SmithAccuracy of developing new user cohorts using electronic health records data
Seonkyeong YangA. Lipe; M. Boren; J. Hincapie-Castillo; J. Brown; J. Guo; H. Park; C. Chang; D. Wilson; L. Adkins; W. Lo-CiganicTrends in the management of headache in US emergency departments: 2007-2018
Amir SarayaniJ. Brown; S. Schmidt; A.. WintersteinDoes CYP3A4 induction by topiramate undermine oral contraceptive effectiveness?
Yuli QianJ. MarkowitzPharmacokinetic interactions between methylphenidate and cannabinoids
Brianna CostalesR. Matthews; J. Brown; A. GoodinA pharmacovigilance analysis of restless legs syndrome treatments and suicidality
Brandon KleeP. Melchert; Y. Qian; C. Galloway; J. MarkowitzInvestigating the pharmacogenomics of ADHD in youth treated with methylphendate
Phuong TranP. Antonelli; A. WintersteinQuinolone ear drops linked to tendinopathy and tendon rupture
Nicole SmolinskiP. Antonelli; A. WintersteinTrends in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric acute otitis media
Brian CicaliK. Lingineni; R. Cristofoletti; T. Wendl; J. Hoechel; H. Wiesinger; A. Chaturvedula; V. Vozmediano; S. SchmidtLevonorgestrel DDI studies in healthy and obese women using PBPK modeling
Tengfei BianY. Wang; J. Botello; Q. Hu; Y. Jiang; A. Zingone; P. Corral; F. Aly; Y. Wu; B. Ryan; L. Jin; C. XingNNAL promotes lung cancer progression in an isomer-dependent manner
Xiaoshu PanP. Huang; N. Fernandez; Z. Greenberg; H. Staecker; M. HeCRISPR-Exosome nanoassembles for precise genetic correction in hearing loss
Dinesh ThummuriS. Khan; P. Underwood; X. Zhang; P. Zheng; V. Budamagunta; A. Sobh; A. Tagmount; A. Loguinov; E. Williamson; J. Wiegand; R. Hromas; C. Vulpe; G. Zheng; J. Trevino; D. Zhou.BCL-XL PROTAC-Gemcitabine combination as a potent therapy for pancreatic cancer
Marwa TantawyM. Chekka; T. Garrett; S. Singh; C. Shah; M. Fradley; R. Cornell; R. Baz; N. Waheed; D. DeRemer; L. Yuan; T. Langaee; K. March; C. Pepine; J. Moreb; Y. GongLactate dehydrogenase B associated with carfilzomib relate cardiotoxicity
Juan MoralesJ. Podichetty; J. Burton; N. Hanan; M. Thomas; K. Lingineni; P. Lang; S. David; F. Martin; M. Atkinson; M. Haller; K. Romero; I. O'Doherty; S. Schmidt; S. KimQuantifying heterogeneity contributing to risk of type 1 diabetes diagnosis
Khalid ElsaafienM. Kirchner; M. Mohammed; S. Eikenberry; C. West; K. Scott; A. de Kloet; J. Stern; E. KrauseAngiotensin signaling in the paraventricular nucelus elevates blood pressure
Vivek ShastriA. Elsayed; L. Chauhan; T. Alonzo; Y. Wang; R. Aplenc; B. Hirsch; A. Gamis; S. Meshinchi; J. LambaDDR-4-SNP score predicts GO response in AML patients: a pathway-directed analysis
Kimberly AtkinsonK. Vogel Anderson; M. LoPharmacists increase access to diabetes supplies in an outpatient clinic setting
Tao LongR.Cristofoletti; V. Michaud; P. Dow; J. Turgeon; S. SchmidtPBPK modeling to assess CYP2D6-mediated DDI on tramadol and metabolite exposures
Michelle PresslyS. SchmidtAgent-based approach to understanding bone remodeling in osteoporosis
Laura HanoldA. Cheek; J. AldrichThe peptide [D-Trp]CJ-15,208 regulates proteins in the c-Myc degradation pathway
Yuzhi WangT. Bian; L. Jin; C. XingNicotine exposure induces resistance to chemotherapy in small cell lung cancer
Yinzhi LangJ. Zhou; N. Smith; X. Tao; A. Sayed; E. Shin; W. Carolin; R. Cha; B. Tsuji; J. BulittaOuter membrane (OM) permeability of six β-lactams in New Delhi metallo-β-lactamas
Hamed KianmehrJ. Guo; J. Luo; L. Shi; V. Fonseca; H. Shao To examine patient characteristics on incident congestive heart failure (CHF)
Julia LessingJ. Boyle-Taylor; L. Dupree; A. CasapaoCompetent vs. developing abstract skills: does past writing experience matter?
Kylie PaulK. O'Mara; D. de la Cruz; K. KisilewiczComparative outcomes of Intralipid to SMOFlipid in extremely premature neonates
Savine HernandezV. Venugopalan; K. DeSear; B. Santevecchi; J. Ashton; K. Cherabuddi; M. Alshaer; C. Peloquin; A. CasapaoOptimizing cefazolin dosing in the treatment of MSSA bacteremia
Erik KieneggerB. Gonzalez; S. Berger; E. Amini; J. Bulitta; G. HochhausSystematic evaluation of the ex-throat plume properties of MDI formulations
Andrew GarciaT. Edminster; I. Molina; M. MuehlbauerImmunomodulator therapy as salvage therapy to failing biologics in IBD patients
Nazifa KaderyA. Ignacio; A. Tenpas; C. DeRemerEvaluating the use of SGLT-2 inhibitors on weight change and microalbuminuria
Parminder KaurA. Carr; A. El Ghali; P. Kaur; S. Minor; A. CasapaoEarly real-world evidence of eravacycline in draconian infections
Julie Al-BahouS. Vouri; H. Bhagwandass; I. Valdes; A. AlsuhibaniChanges in overactive bladder medication use before and after bariatric surgery
Blake BartlettM. NorrisLiterature review of potential CYP2D6 inhibitors and their classifications
Matthew MuschettJ. BrownRisk factors and costs associated with heart transplant readmissions in the U.S.
Megan BackusA. Strahorn; S. Matys; A. Yathali; V. GrusauskasAntidepressant prescribing patterns at a student-run free healthcare clinic
Christen LangleyA. Chizmar; S. Voils; A. CasapaoPerception vs reality: cross-sectional study of the 2020 pharmacy residency match
Jisoo KimN. Seligson; B. Duong; K. Blake; K. CookPharmacogenomic medication use in pediatrics patients with sickle cell disease
Shivani MehtaS. Mehta; E. Elwood; K. Vigal; G. Rosier; R. Rhoden; A. Williams; A. Cobb; P. Williams; F. Kaba; J. Alonso; E. Eddy; R. Copper-DeHoffGenetic testing to understand and address renal disease disparities across the US
Natasha EmanuelT. Larkin; A. Elsayed; R. Rafiee; B. Greer; B. Horn; J. LambaIdentification of SNPs to optimize the treatment of acute childhood leukemia
Mahnoor IzharP. Molina; M. Thomas; E. Quesinberry; N. SeligsonSecondary genomic variants across fusion-driven sarcomas
Monica BennettS. Millis; D. Jin; N. Grosenbacher; C. Stets; J. Elvin; W. Miles; J. Hays; J. Chen; N. SeligsonIdentifying predictors of loss of heterozygosity in leiomyosarcoma
Wendy Caba PilotoE. Mougey; C. Gutiérrez-Junquera; S. Fernández-Fernández; M. Luz Cilleruelo; A. Rayo; B. Borrell; E. Román; C. González-Lois; M. Chao; H. Al-Atrash; J. FranciosiTSLP/WDR36 variant associates with PPIREE
Erin ShepardY. Coll; S. Millis; J. Hays; J. Chen; N. SeligsonAlterations in histone H3 modifying henes in synovial sarcoma
Charles VerduzcoC. Lawrence; A. Phillips; T. Tran; D. WangRegulatory polymorphisms in CYP2D6 and their clinical implications
Breonna HarrisonR. Callender; J. Lamba; C. RamosImpact of gene associated methotrexate toxicity in acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Bradley HallN. Desai; A. Elchynski; Y. Marks; D. D'Silva; K. NguyenUtilizing a HCI approach to evaluate the design of current PGx-CDS
Connie MeiZ. Gruen; L. Dumeny; L. CavallariPharmacogenomics implementation in the arthroplasty setting
Orniel CabanE. Alini; R. Glaubrecht; A. Parchment; N. SeligsonPrevalence of single cell transcriptomic heterogeneity in sarcoma
Danielle PellettL. Garayeva; P. Martinez-Quinones; J. Ngo; H. Fellows; J. DuarteClinical implementation of preemptive pharmacogenetic testing in the literature
Hanh TranL. Becirevic; N. Emanuel; M. Lofy; V. Shastri; J. LambaAra-C SNP score to personalize cytarabine dosing: a retrospective study
Melissa CuevasJ. Kelly; J. LambaGene associated asparaginase hypersensitivity in pediatric ALL
Monique HookB. Dragoljevic; E. McKenna; A. Nguyen; D. Valentin; K. Nguyen; K. Wiisanen; L. Cavallari; A. Elchynski; E. CicaliEvaluation of prescriber responses to TPMT pre-test alerts at UF Health
Joshua BilbreyY. Ortiz; J. Felix; L. McMahon; J. WilkersonEvaluating effects of terpenoid compounds in mice with chronic neuropathic pain
Taylor EaseyJ. Hincapie-Castillo; S. Vouri; A. GoodinImpact of opioid acute pain limitation laws on opioid overdose deaths
Lismaury GalianoC. Hernandez Zengotita; J. Brown; G. Alipour HarisReview of medication regimen for patients with ADRD in sleep apnea guidelines.
Maryam DeraviT. Tablante; L. Adkins; A. Goodin; J. Hincapie-CastilloSystematic review of social media data sources for substance use trends
Sophie BennettE. Altamura; S. Bell; K. Cabrera; B. Zhang; C. Kim; V. VozmedianoReview of nasal route for systemic and brain delivery: advantages and challenges
Natalie OurhaanH. Bhagwandass; A. Goodin; J. Hincapie-CastilloUtilization trends of amphetamine-containing medications following law changes
Ivanna GrandeS. Keshwani; J. Hincapie-CastilloImpact of opioid prescribing limits on NSAID use in state Medicaid programs
India AucheyJ. BrownCannabis use in pregnancy: a review of the literature
Avi PatelS. Obeng; L Restrepo; L. Gamez-Jimenez; N. Ho; F. León; M. Mottinelli; C. McCurdy; L. McMahon; T. HiranitaThe primary kratom alkaloid mitragynine as an in vivo adrenergic-alpha2 receptor
Tychell BranchcombY. Shen; H. Bhagwandass; S. Galvez; I. Grande; J. Lessing; M. Mollanazar; N. Ourhaan; R. Oueini; M. Sasser; I. Valdes; A. Jadubans; J. Hollmann; M. Maguire; S. Usmani; S. Vouri; J. Hincapie-Castillo; L. Adkins; A. GoodinChronic opioid therapy: a scoping literature review
Joyce Hernandez MaldonadoO. GrundmannNon-HIV DDI's of artemisinin-based combination therapies in malaria treatment
Caroline LeeflangJ. Brown; G. Alipour Haris; C. Hernandez ZengotitaPsychiatric medication regimen complexity and eprescribing in ADRD
Shelby LuckeyA. Singh; G. de LartigueBardet-Biedl syndrome 5 gene mutation promotes leptin resistance and obesity
Isadora BragaA. Araujo; G. De LartigueAsymmetrical recruitment of vagal motor neurons by vagal sensory neurons
Katelyn RourkA. Singh; A. Bernier; G. de LartigueCan sweetened drinks impair metformin’s effect on glucose control in obese mice?
Alberto Jimenez YbargollinG. Zeng; W. Zhao; Z. Chen; X. Li; F. Liang; L. CuiEpigenetic control of heparanase expression through CRISPR/dCas9
Victoria PallaresS. Obeng; M. Mottinelli; C. McCurdy; L. McMahon; T. HiranitaIn vitro pharmacological characterization of novel fentanyl analogs
Gabriel LemeI. Braga; A. de Araujo; G. de LartigueDifferential control of food intake by left and right vagal sensory neurons
Jane HufnagelS. Obeng; F. Leon; L. Restrepo; L. Gamez-Jimenez; A. Patel; N. Ho; T. Braun; J. Fortner; M. Crowley; V. Pallares; M. Mottinelli; C. Lopera-Londono; C. McCurdy; L. McMahon; T. HiranitaComparison of mu-opioid receptor activity of Kratom alkaloid and its metabolite

Oral Competition


Lina CuiMedicinal Chemistry
Mei HePharmaceutics
Juan Hincapie-CastilloPharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy
Siobhan MalanyPharmacodynamics
Danxin WangPharmacotherapy & Translational Research


Oral Junior Competition Sponsored by

Dr. Maureen Keller-Wood

Oral senior Clinical Science Competition Sponsored by

Dr. Julie Johnson

Oral Millard Basic Science Competition Sponsored by

Dr. Meharvan Singh – BS ‘1989; PhD ’94

Postdoctoral Trainee Submissions

Primary AuthorAdditional AuthorsTitle of Research
Hyerim KangW. Lo-Ciganic; C. DeRemer; E. Dietrich; P. Huang; H. ParkEffectiveness and safety of extended anticoagulation for venous thromboembolism
Sajid KhanD. Thummuri; P. Kellish; N. Hua; P. Zhang; X. Zhang; J. Wiegand; G. Zheng; M. Zajac-Kaye; F. Kaye; D. ZhouPROTAC-mediated BCL-XL degradation is an effective therapeutic strategy in SCLC
Arashdeep SinghN. Haq; S. Luckey; S.Mansouri; H. Gogoi; M. Yang; K. Rourk; L. Jin; S. Christou-Savina; G. de LartigueUnravelling underlying mechanisms of Bardet-Biedl syndrome (BBS) phenotype

Junior Competition Submissions

Primary AuthorAdditional AuthorsTitle of Research
Mai MehannaC. McDonough; S. Smith; Y. Gong; J. Gums; J. Johnson; L. McIntyre; R. Cooper-DeHoffPharmacometabolomics reveals mechanisms underlying blood pressure response
Corey PerkinsJ. Jiang; J. Bray; A. Gosling; L. da Silva; K. Rosenova Atanasova; R. Ratnayake; H. Hakimjavadi; S. Chamala; M. Campbell-Thompson; C. Li; H. Luesch; T. SchmittgenHuman pancreatic organoids to study the early events of pancreatic cancer
Cameron ThomasA. Beitelshees; F. Franchi; M. Shahin; L. Kovar; Y. Gong; C. McDonough; J. Johnson; D. Angiolillo; L. CavallariA real-world investigation of the ABCD-GENE Score on cardiovascular outcomes.

Senior: Basic Sciences Submissions

Primary AuthorAdditional AuthorsTitle of Research
Manyun ChenG. Rubin; G Jiang; Z. Raad; Y DingBiocatalytic synthesis of natural anti-UV agents
Qi HuP. Corral; S. Narayanapillai; P. Leitzman; P. Upadhyaya; M. O'Sullivan; SS. Hecht; J. Lu; C. Xing Kava, dihydromethysticin and NNK-induced lung cancer: from lab animals to humans
Lisa WilsonS. Eans; H. Agha; S. Intagliata; L. Toll; C. McCurdy; J. McLaughlinSelective sigma receptor antagonists as novel treatments for chronic pain

Senior: Clinical Sciences Submissions

Primary AuthorAdditional AuthorsTitle of Research
Lakshmi Manasa Sakuntala ChekkaT. Langaee; D. Wang; R. Rolf; A. Chapman; J. Gums; R. Cooper-DeHoff; J. JohnsonPlasma microRNA profiling reveals potential biomarkers of thiazide response
Cheng ChenA. Winterstein; W. Lo-Ciganic; P. Tighe; Y. WeiRisk of fall associated with concomitant use of opioids and gabapentinoids
Mohammed GbadamosiV. Shastri; A. Elsayed; R. Rafiee; R. Ries; S. Meshinchi; J. LambaThe CIDDR gene expression signature predicts response to gemtuzumab ozogamicin

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Thank you to all of our sponsors and contributors to this year’s Research Showcase.