Robert P Navarro

Robert P Navarro, Pharm.D.

Clinical Professor Emeritus

Department: Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy
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About Robert P Navarro

Robert Navarro is Clinical Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy, University of Florida, College of Pharmacy, Gainesville, FL.

Navarro has practiced pharmacy as a medical center pharmacy co-owner, hospital clinical pharmacist, medical school geriatrics pharmacology instructor, long term care consultant pharmacist, a health plan and PBM pharmacy director, and .

He became involved in managed care in 1982, when he joined United Health Care to write their first drug formulary and was involved with the first pharmaceutical industry rebate contract. He managed the prescription drug benefit at Physicians Health Plan of Minnesota as pharmacy director, Health Net in California as Vice President of Provider Services, and at Express Scripts as Vice President, Pharmacy & Therapeutics.

Navarro has been involved in developing two PBMs, and has provided managed markets consulting services, advisory board moderation, and market research to the pharmaceutical industry for eighteen years. He has also been recognized by the courts as an expert witness in managed prescription drug benefit issues in various litigations.

As Professor at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, Navarro teaches a managed healthcare course and classes in the online Master of Pharmaceutical Science program, and is adapting this course for PharmD programs. He is also developing additional courses in related topics, accountable care, and the PPACA, and is involved in coordinating online MS program seminars.

Robert is a co-founder and the first president of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy and the Foundation for Managed Care Pharmacy, where he remains involved with the FMCP Learning Institute. Navarro received the FMCP Steven G. Avey Award in 2009.

Navarro has edited both editions of the textbook, Managed Care Pharmacy Practice (1999 and 2009; third edition in progress), and has been lead author in the managed care pharmacy chapters of the last three editions of the textbook Essentials of Managed Health Care. He has also been on the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy, and serves as a manuscript reviewer for various health care publications.

Research Profile

Research Interests: Managed Care, Managed Care Pharmacy Practice, Pharmaceutical Care, Value-Based Insurance Design, Patient Adherence Behavior, Healthcare reform and accountable care, Pharmaceutical Marketing and Drug Launch Practices, Specialty Pharmacy Practice, Enterpreneursism and Innovation in pharmacy practice


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Teaching Profile

Courses Taught
PHA6279 Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy Seminar
PHA6935 Selected Topics in Pharmacy
PHA6938 Research Seminar
PHA5209 Managed Care Pharmacy
PHA5878C Pt Care 3: Cv and Pulm
PHA5727 Prin Sys Based Prac
PHA6276 Pharmacy Benefit Design & Management
PHA5008 Foundations Mtm
PHA5267 Prin Pharm-Economics
PHA7979 Advanced Research
PHA7980 Research for Doctoral Dissertation
PHA6937 Topics in Pharmaceutical Administration
PHA6936 Advanced Topics in Pharmaceutical Sciences
PHA6266 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy II
PHA6971 Research for Master’s Thesis
PHA6910 Supervised Research
PHA5933 Select Top Pharmacy
PHA5702C Person and Prof Dev III
PHA5252 Managed Care Pharmacy
PHA6269 Pharmaceutical Products and Public Policy
PHA5701C Person and Prof Dev II
PHA6265 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy I
PHA6291 Pharmaceutical Health Care Systems
PHA6805 Applied Data Interpretation and Reporting of Findings in Pharmacy
PHA5255 Psych Medicat Safety
PHA5901 Res Ph Outcome and Plcy

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