Cynthia R Nacin

Cynthia R Nacin Pharm.D.

Clinical Manager Of Operations

Department: Curricular Affairs and Accreditation
Business Phone: (850) 510-4637
Business Email:

About Cynthia R Nacin

Renee Nacin, Pharm.D., MS-MTM, BCACP, CDE, CPh, is the clinical pharmacy manager for operations at the Center for Quality Medication Management Center (CQM) at the Gainesville campus. Nacin began working for the CQM in May 2015. Since joining the CQM, she has held several roles. She assists in the daily operations of the CQM in the Gainesville and Lake None locations. Nacin also enjoys training newly hired pharmacists, as well as overseeing project management. Nacin has a strong history with medication therapy management (MTM) delivery. In August of 2013, Nacin graduated the University of Florida’s Master of Science in Pharmacy with concentration in Medication Therapy Management degree program. Nacin practiced as her retail district MTM pharmacist provider prior to transitioning to the CQM in Gainesville. Nacin received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2008 from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. In addition to her MS-MTM, Nacin is also a Board Certified Ambulatory Care Pharmacist.

Nacin enjoys sharing her knowledge, teaching others, and observing the profession of pharmacy as it continues evolve. She is currently a career coach to three pharmacy students at UF and is enthusiastic and optimistic about the future of pharmacy.