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Sushobhan Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D.

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About Sushobhan Mukhopadhyay

Sushobhan Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D., was appointed as an assistant scientist in the College of Pharmacy, Department of Medicinal Chemistry in July 2022. Sushobhan received his Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) and Master of Science (Organic Chemistry) degrees from University of Kalyani, India. He pursued his Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry from CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, India in 2020. His doctoral work focused on the synthesis of new heterocycles, development of innovative synthetic methodologies, synthesis and biological evaluation of small molecules for anti-proliferative and anti-infective agent. Upon completion of his doctoral studies, Sushobhan joined the University of Florida, College of Pharmacy in December 2020 as a Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry working in Dr. Christopher McCurdy’s laboratory. Sushobhan has keen interest in the development of novel molecules for the treatment of pain and opioid use disorder.


Early Career Achievement Award in Chemical Science
2020 · CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, India
Senior Research Fellow Award
2016 · Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, India
Best Publication award in Chemical Science
2015 · CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, India
Junior Research Fellowship
2014 · Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India

Research Profile

Areas of Interest
  • Substance Use Epidemiology, particularly opioids
  • Drug development
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Natural products
  • Organic Chemistry


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2020 · CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, India
Master of Science in Chemistry
2011 · University of Kalyani, India
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
2009 · University of Kalyani, India

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