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About Brian Cicali

Brian Cicali received his B.S. in pharmacology and toxicology from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, his M.S. in computational science from Stockton University, and his Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. He has previously held positions at GlaxoSmithKline (2013-2015), Tabula Rasa HealthCare (2016-2018), and worked as an ORISE predoctoral fellow at the U.S. F.D.A. (2019, 2020). He has received numerous awards for his research and publications including a Distinguished Research Fellowship from Stockton University (2016), the Dr. Allen J. Speigel Endowed Graduate Fellowship (2019) from University of Florida’s Department of Pharmaceutics, the Robert and Stephany Ruffolo Graduate Education and Research Fellowship (2021) from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, the CPT:PSP award for most outstanding paper of 2019, the 2020 Most Informative Scientific Report from Simcyp academic awards, highlighted as a young leader in pharmacy by the Canadian Health Network (2022), and multiple poster awards from various conferences. Brian also serves in multiple leadership roles within national and international organizations, including the International Federation of Pharmaceuticals (FIP), American College of Clinical Pharmacology (ACCP), the International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP), and the American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ASCPT). His research interests focus on the use of quantitative clinical pharmacology methods to optimize drug safety and efficacy, as well as the integration of real-world evidence into clinical pharmacology analyses.


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