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A logo brings a brand to life and is the signature mark that helps convey the College of Pharmacy’s connection to the University of Florida, a national leader in higher education. Consistent and constant usage of the UF College of Pharmacy logo strengthens the brand. A list of official UF-approved logos for the College of Pharmacy is provided below....

COVID-19: One Year Later

Dean Johnson shares her reflection on the college's heroic response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


 Director: Hendrik Luesch, Ph.D., Debbie and Sylvia DeSantis Chair in Natural Products Drug Discovery and Development Department of Medicinal Chemistry Jane Aldrich, Ph.D. Qi-Yin Chen, Ph.D. Yousong Ding, Ph.D. Robert Huigens III, Ph.D. Margaret O. James, Ph.D. Chenglong Li, Ph.D. Christopher R. McCurdy, Ph.D. Ranjala Ratnayake, Ph.D. Chengguo (Chris) Xing, Ph.D. Department of Pharmaceutics Hartmut Derendorf,...