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UF College of Pharmacy Fact Sheet

of diseases through drug discovery, marine natural products, pharmacology, developing models of disease, pharmacokinetics/ pharmacometrics, pharmacogenomics and precision medicine

The College

and personalized medicine, marine natural products, pharmacokinetics/pharmacometrics, pharmacology, developing models of disease, pharmacoepidemiology and patient safety. Five active


. Medicinal Chemistry Research Focus: Drug discovery, organic synthesis of medicinal agents, natural products chemistry, prodrugs, topical drug delivery, peptide chemistry

34th Annual Research Showcase

. Salvador-Reyes; V. Paul; H. Kakeya; H. LueschGenomic and targeted approaches unveil targets of an antifungal natural product Eunjeong ShinN. Shah; J. Oyer; A. Sayed; D. Sutaria; X

35th Annual Research Showcase

:30-10:30am Post-Doctoral Trainee Research4Dipesh DhakalBiosynthesis of lyngbyastatin natural products in marine cyanobacteriaS. Kokkaliaria; V. J. Paul; Y. Ding; H

Manyun Chen

year graduate student in Dr. Yousong Ding’s group. Her research direction is to elucidate novel biosynthetic machinery for producing bioactive natural products, e.g. enzymology involved in the biosynthesis of nitropyrroles and mycosporine-like amino acids.