Collaborative Practice Agreement Spotlight

In partnership with the Florida Department of Health, the University of Florida College of Pharmacy continues efforts to foster awareness and adoption of Collaborative Practice Agreements through completion of the Collaborative Practice Agreement certificate program continuing education training opportunity. The continuing education course will train participating pharmacists on establishing Collaborative Practice Agreement with local physicians in accordance with national and state statutes. The goal of this training is to expand the use of Collaborative Practice Agreements to enhance delivery of quality comprehensive Medication Therapy Management for patient-centered care and improve medication adherence as a form of self-management for patients with chronic disease, with a specialized focus on high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. Additional partnered continuing education opportunities will be offered as a three part webinar series.

Collaborative Practice Agreement Certification

Join us live (via Zoom) in the month of June for two free Collaborative Practice Agreement live sessions! Limited seats available! Please note that successful completion of the Collaborative Practice Agreement certification requires learners to complete a 12-hour home study as well as an 8-hour live session. Attendance of only one 8-hour live session is required. The 12-hour home study material is included with the registration below.

Available Live Sessions:

  • Saturday, June 3rd, 2023 | Zoom (8am-5pm EDT) [Registration is now closed for this event date]
  • Saturday, June 24th, 2023 | Zoom (8am-5pm EDT) [Registration is now closed for this event date]

Florida Board of Pharmacy

Collaborative Practice Agreement Certificate

This program will prepare pharmacists to enter into a written collaborative practice agreement (CPA) with a supervising physician in accordance with Florida law.

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CPA Webinar Series

Join us live (via Zoom) for this free three part webinar activity series! Each webinar will provide viewers with information related to Collaborative Practice Agreements. Each webinar provides learners with the opportunity to claim 1.0 hour of ACPE continuing education for pharmacists (see activity descriptions below for CE credit requirements). Attendance of all three webinar activities is not required to earn CE credit.

Wednesday, April 26th, 2023 | 11:30am-12:30pm EDT

CPA Webinar Series: Introduction to Medication Therapy Management and Collaborative Practice Agreements

This live (via Zoom) webinar will cover a broad overview of medication therapy management (MTM). MTM is an important component of modern healthcare and allows pharmacists to educate patients about their medications and lifestyle changes to improve adherence and self-management skills. This webinar will discuss the process of comprehensive medication reviews and the advantages that a collaborative practice agreement brings, in particular, to improving patient outcomes.

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What do our students have to say about Collaborative Practice?

I thoroughly enjoyed UF’s Collaborative Practice Agreement class. I feel it has enhanced my knowledge of various chronic conditions that require medication management along with providing a great walkthrough on how to compose and market a CPA. I would certainly recommend it to any person who works in or wants to integrate themselves into a health care team setting“.

Damon Burkhart, PharmD, CPh, CDCES

Collaborative Practice Agreements in Action

Curious how a collaborative practice agreement can impact your practice? Check out the interviews below to see how our pharmacists are making a difference!

Interview with Neal Holland, D.O.

Interview with Ryan Naal, M.D.

Learn more about Dr. Naal by visiting his faculty profile.

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