Fourth International Kratom Symposium February 5-7, 2025

The Fourth International Kratom Symposium is an event by invitation only that will bring together the world’s most preeminent scholars on Mitragyna speciosa from across disciplines including botany, chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, clinical study and population health and health policy. We are also inviting regulators, policymakers and industry to create a truly inclusive and diverse experience.



UF Research and Academic Center

The UF Research and Academic Center is a state-of-the-art facility located in the thriving Lake Nona community in southwest Orlando. Lake Nona is located near the Orlando International Airport and is home to some of the nation’s leading hospitals, universities, research institutions and life sciences companies.

ADDRESS: 6550 Sanger Rd, Orlando, FL 32827, USA

By being inclusive of a wide audience of stakeholders, the symposium will achieve two overarching goals:

To showcase and share the most up-to-date clinical and preclinical research on Mitragyna speciosa, and to exchange ideas of interest for furthering the scientific study of both Mitragyna speciosa and the kratom products derived from this botanical.

For all stakeholders to identify and discuss the most concerning issues facing the fate of Mitragyna speciosa both internationally and within growing Western markets. This will be done with an emphasis on quality standards, education, regulation, policy and safe supply.


The format will be a 2-day symposium with structured presentations from leaders in the field. Presenters will take questions from attendees. Short breaks for networking will be built into the schedule. We will also hold a poster presentation session in the evening of the first day

Day 1 Sessions – 2024

Keynote Address & Q&A

Chris McCurdy

Agricultural Session

Brian Pearson & Swathi Nadakuduti

Preclinical Updates

Abhisheak Sharma, Zurina Hassan & Jay McLaughlin

NIDA Updates

Aidan Hampson

Update from Southeast Asia

Darshan Singh & Ekkasit Kumarnsit

Forensic & Clinical Toxicology

Stephanie Weiss & TBD

Day 2 Sessions – 2024

Human Pharmacokinetic

Mary Paine & Nicholas Oberlies

Clinical Trials (Safety & Efficacy)

Kirsten Smith & Darshan Singh

Real World Data/Survey Data

Oliver Grundmann & TBD

Analytical & GMP update

Paula Brown & TBD

Day 2 will conclude with a “town hall” style panel discussion focused on sharing key information with industry about establishing quality standards and “best practices” to ensure the safety of kratom products.

How to Register

Abstract submission

If you would like to be considered for a poster presentation, please submit a one-page document ( PDF) including the following elements:

  • Title
  • Authors & affiliations
  • Presenting author name
  • Abstract of no more than 300 words describing succinctly the methods, results, and conclusions of the research.
  • Up to 5 keywords addressing the area of research (no need to include kratom or Mitragyna speciosa as keywords)
  • Attach document (PDF format)

Organizing Committee