Orlando Campus Career Day


11am-3pm       Exhibit Hall and Scheduled Interviews

Participating Companies

Positions Interviewing
Interviewing Intern F/T Staff P/T Staff
CVS Health Retail 1,2,3,4
Publix Pharmacy Retail 4
Southeastern Grocers/ Bi-Lo, Winn Dixie Retail 3,4
Walgreens Retail 4
Walmart / Sam’s Club Retail 4
UF MTM Call Center NA N/A Exhibit Only
FPA NA N/A Exhibit Only

**Please be sure to read up on the companies whose representatives you want to meet.  The questions you should have should demonstrate that you have taken the initiative to explore their web site…at least enough to have your basic questions answered.  Your questions should be ‘Tier Two’ inquiries – those that show that you have put some thought behind them!  The company links have been provided in the above chart.  All you need to do is click!


You must attend at least one of the Career Days at the campus closest to you, even if you do not plan to interview.  This is a great opportunity for students to meet employers offering various types of careers in pharmacy as well as networking for summer internship positions.  Your participation in Career Days is important not only for your personal career plans but also for the College of Pharmacy.  An excellent turnout by students is necessary to continue to attract employers to visit the University of Florida College of Pharmacy.  Be sure to come prepared with multiple copies of your resume in a nice portfolio.   I would recommend setting aside some time to update your resume and locate your Career Day attire.

Attendance is required for 1-3PDs at the Career Day Exhibit Hall.  Below are the assigned times for each class to attend.