Career Services

Welcome to the College of Pharmacy Career Services page!

In conjunction with the University of Florida’s Career Resource Center, we serve to educate, motivate and support students and alumni throughout their career development.

The Career Opportunity Page is intended to assist pharmacy students in locating and applying for internships, residencies, and first career positions.  These positions will be posted by staff in the Office for Student Affairs.

Pharmacy students should read the position information carefully before responding to the employer.  An appropriate resume and cover letter should be provided in most situations.

Pharmacy students should be mindful that a timely response is more likely to be viewed as potentially competitive.  Please pay attention to specific time frames for application as specified in the job posting.

Pharmacy students are encouraged to attend the Career Day scheduled for your respective campus.  If students would like to attend a Career Day at another campus, please notify the Coordinator of Student Affairs at that campus about your planned participation.  Information about Career Days is located here.

Pharmacy students are encouraged to utilize the career resources available through the American Pharmacist Association Career Center.  In addition to having useful information on possible career opportunities, the APA career center contains valuable information on residencies and networking opportunities.

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The Career Resource Center liaison who can assist specifically with College of Pharmacy students looking for work is Melissa Lyon, Assistant Director for Career Exploration and Education, and Eirini Chaddon, Assistant Director for Recruitment Services.

Pharmacy students may find the insights, knowledge, and guidance provided by faculty advisors or any faculty member helpful in making decisions about internships, residencies, and career choices.  Please feel comfortable in approaching faculty members for career advisement.

Career Days

Career Days will include all four campuses and will be held on the following days:

October 27, 2016 – Orlando (UF Research and Academic Center at Lake Nona)

October 28, 2016 – St. Petersburg (Conference Center)

November 2-3, 2016 – Gainesville (Hilton University of Florida Conference Center)

November 4, 2016 – Jacksonville (LRC Atrium)

Preparing for Career Days



Job/Internship Postings