Current Student FAQ

What do I do if I need a transcript?

Log into ONE.UF and follow the links to order a transcript. There is a fee.
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Where do I get a letter to verify that I am currently enrolled?

Enrollment and degree verifications are occasionally requested by parents, insurance companies, scholarship providers, employers and loan companies who require proof of your student standing, that is, whether you are currently enrolled or not.

Log into ONE.UF and follow the links under My Record.

All verifications from Registrar’s Office contain: your name, class and college, major, dates of attendance, enrollment status by term, and honors and awards received from UF. A cumulative grade point average can be provided if requested. Any release of academic information to a third party requires the student’s permission, whether by signature or by electronic certification.

Enrollment verifications needing completed IPPE and APPE hours should be emailed to Be sure to include the recipient’s information. Enrollment verifications are typically processed within 48 to 72 hours.


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What if my ID Badge is lost or stolen?

  • Gainesville students: Call 352-392-8343, give your 8-digit UFID and the picture should be on file. You can go to either location there is one in the Welcome Center or the one in the Health Science Center located on the ground floor down the hall from the HSC Bookstore and Post Office Rm NG-10. The one in the HSC area is only open 3 days out of the week during certain times. The UF Welcome Center location is open M-F; 8am-6pm.
  • Jacksonville, Orlando, and St. Petersburg students: New! The online system provides our students at distance campuses with a convenient and secure method for obtaining their Gator 1 Cards. To apply for a Gator 1 card, simply go to the Gator 1 Central website at and click on the Distance Gator 1 Card link under ID Card Services.

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Where can I pay my fees?

Student Payments: Students are no longer be able to pay with cash or debit cards or make over- the-counter payments with the University Cashier. However, students may still pay at Criser Hall by dropping checks in the 24 hour drop box located outside the Cashier Office at S-113 Criser Hall.

Several other payment methods remain available to students.
The following student payment methods will not be affected:

  • Payments made directly from students’ financial aid.
  • Free on-line e-check payments.
  • On-line credit cards payments (MasterCard and American Express; no VISA) – a service fee is charged.

University Financial Services remains open for students from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday for students needing assistance with their accounts. They may be reached at 3352/392-0181 or emailed at
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I’ve moved. Where can I change my address or phone number?

Please take a moment to update address information on file with the University! There are TWO locations to do this! Don’t forget the Florida Board.

University of Florida Directory

  • Log on to Gatordex via the myUFL portal
  • From the left menu, go to My Account and choose Update my Directory Profile.
  • Follow the directions, using the orange headers and blue-left hand menu to navigate.

The information stored in the directory feeds directly into your student record, myUFL, the online phonebook and other campus-wide systems. Be sure to verify your local and permanent addresses, phone numbers and email. Accurate information will ensure that you receive all university correspondence.

When changing or correcting your local and/or permanent addresses on Gatordex, be certain to select the correct address field(s) to update your official student record: “local home mailing address” or “permanent home mailing address.” If both categories do not appear on your address profile, select “add new address and related phone” to create an entry for both.

If either category indicates an “invalid” address, select “add new address and related phone” to enter correct address information.

College of Pharmacy Directory

From the Students Only Login (last link on the left) you can update your address information that is used for COP email and lists.

Update the Florida Board of Pharmacy!
Drop them a line: Florida Board of Pharmacy / P.O. Box 6320 / Tallahassee, FL 32314-6320
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How do I obtain a copy of my Intern License? What is my License Number?

Florida Board of Pharmacy / P.O. Box 6320 / Tallahassee, FL 32314-6320

Obtain your license number on line –
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Where can I obtain my course schedule?

Current section numbers can be found on line. Gainesville class schedule can also be found there.

Distance Education students get their schedules via E-Learning System. These schedules are all subject to change.

Course registration is handled in ONE.UF . YOU are responsible for getting yourself registered for your core classes, unless notified otherwise. For example, incoming 1PD’s will be pre-registered.

ELearning is built upon the information in ONE.UF. If you don’t see your class in ELearning, then it is missing from ONE.UF. Contact your Student Affairs Coordinator immediately!
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I am feeling a little overwhelmed and need to talk to someone. Where can I go?

All students, regardless of campus, may access the Counseling and Wellness Center.

In addition to your faculty advisor, Student Affairs Coordinators can help.

Gainesville – Ms. Natalie Wilcox –

Orlando – Mr. Derek Harris –

Jacksonville – Ms. Jennifer Palgon Dillon –

Walk-in appointments may be difficult, so please contact in advance, whenever possible.

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I am having academic problems. Where do I start?

Your faculty advisor is a great place to start. If you are unsure who your advisor is, contact your Student Affairs Coordinator.
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I have a disability. What special considerations are available to me for classes and/or testing?

The Disability Resource Center is your first stop. After meeting with the staff there, contact the Gainesville Office for Student Affairs at (352) 273-6217 to make an appointment (phone or in person) with Dr. Buring. Be sure to follow up with your campus Student Affairs Coordinator.
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I have a legal question and would like some advice. Where do I go?

Contact Student Legal Services
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I have a financial flag/hold on my record. What do I do?

Contact University Financial Services at 352/392-0181 to determine the reason for the financial hold. ALL HOLDS will have associated text explaining why your record has been flagged.
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I need a drug screen for an IPPE practicum or APPE rotation! What do I do?

Contact your Student Affairs office to upload your information to Certiphi Background Screening, which will generate an email to you with complete directions. Detailed information can be found on-line.

IF you are taking prescription medication and are required to submit to drug testing, here are the procedures:

  1. Pay for the test –
  2. Submit the sample at Labcorp using the electronic Chain of Custody Document.
  3. Call Certiphi to confirm receipt of sample – 800-803-7859 within one hour of leaving drug collection site.
  4. A letter from the prescribing physician must be faxed to 888-247-8373. Be sure it includes your full name and UFID.

The report will show as a PASS when documentation is provided/confirmed.
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I am registered in ONE.UF, but why is my course not showing up in Sakai or my.COP?

Contact your Student Affairs Coordinator.

Please note that most course links will not appear for you until the first day of class, unless your instructor has decided to open the course site prior to the course starting.
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My name has changed. What do I do now?

You will need to update the Florida Board (intern license update), the Registrar’s Office, as well as the College of Pharmacy.

Florida Board of Pharmacy Change
Mail certified copies of the paperwork directly to the Board.
Florida Board of Pharmacy / P.O. Box 6320 / Tallahassee, FL 32314-6320

Registrar Change
Visit or call the Registrar Office to get the correct form.

Phone: 352-392-1374

Direct the agency (Clerk of the Court, for example, if your name was changed due to a marriage) that has authorized the change to mail the requested credentials, along with the form, to:

Office of the University Registrar
Attn. Request to Change Official Record
PO Box 114000
222 Criser Hall
Gainesville, FL 32611-4000

College of Pharmacy Change
Send copies of the submitted forms, including backup documentation to your campus Student Affairs Coordinator. We will update our internal database immediately. Please remember that many administrative offices pull data and save it for the term. Thus, you may not even see changes from us until the next semester.

NOTE: Although Sakai rosters read from the Registrar’s database throughout the term, demographic information such as your name is only read once (during drop/add). Contact the UF Help Desk ( E-mail: Telephone: (352) 392-4357) to open a ticket to have Sakai updated after drop/add ends.
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I have worked as a Pharmacy Technician prior to Pharmacy school. Will I need to acquire the new Pharmacy Technician license if I want to work over the summer?

No. The Pharmacists Intern license issued upon matriculation will cover technician duties.
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What is the Acceptable Use Policy for Official Images? Business Card E-mail?

Students may only use official university trademarks with prior written permission from University Relations. You may find the UF signatures and themelines on the UF Brand Center website. For permission to use the images, email the office of University Communications:

NOTE:The sample card on the UF Brand Center website suggests the inclusion of a physical address.

Please do not include yours or ours!  All you should have is an email address and a  phone number (optional). Be sure to use your gatorlink ( email address!’

Student organizations wishing to use branded images should use the vendors listed in the attached files for fundraising activities. These companies are licensed and vetted by the University of Florida and the University Athletic Association.

Local Vendors Catalog Vendors

The COP SEAL may not be used for any official university communication, including stationery, business cards, brochures, or other printed materials, nor may it be used as a signature on electronic communications, such as websites or social media. It can be used on specialty advertising products such as apparel and giveaway items.


Business Card Email
When using any official UF image, as outlined in the official signature system, use of the Gatorlink email address is expected. If you have a UF College of Pharmacy student business card, you should always have it printed with your Gatorlink email address. Adding the anticipated graduation year is a good idea to include, as well.
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Am I supposed to be turning something in now?

Throughout the PharmD curriculum, there will need to be new documentation, as well as existing documentation that needs to be updated (i.e., immunizations, certifications). Please bookmark this site – and watch for updates as they pertain to your classification. Although you will receive email reminders, remember, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are up to date on whatever needs to be turned in. Consequences for failure to meet deadlines is posted, as well.
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Where do I go for media help?

The College of Pharmacy PharmD program bases most of its educational delivery upon electronic media. Finding the right person for the right task can sometimes prove challenging! Always feel free to contact

UF Health Science Center (HSC) Library
The library staff can assist you with questions or issues related to accessing online library materials. If you cannot find helpful information on the website noted below, you may also contact our dedicated College of Pharmacy librarian, Rae Jesano.

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