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UF Professor Emeritus Receives Hungarian Recognition of Merit & Science

Nicholas Bodor, Ph.D., D.Sc., Graduate Research Professor Emeritus (active) at the UF College of Pharmacy, in 2011, received high honors from his native country, Hungary in recognition of his global scientific accomplishments. In August, the Hungarian government recognized Bodor at its official ceremony in Budapest. Bodor received the Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic, a prestigious state award of civil merit. He received the cross at an official ceremony in the Hungarian parliament on the eve of the August 20th national celebration of Hungary's canonized first king, St. Stephen. Bodor also received the complemental pin, the Knight's Cross of the Order of Merit and an ornate diploma summarizing his accomplishments. Previously, in 2004, he received the Gold Cross of Merit of the Hungarian Republic.

New Professorship Honors Distinguished Service Professor

Paul Doering, M.S., a distinguished service professor in pharmacotherapy and translational research at the UF College of Pharmacy, may have retired this year — but his excellence in teaching lives on. In honor of Paul’s 35 years of service to the college and his unwavering dedication to mentoring and educating generations of pharmacy students, the college is creating the “Paul Doering Excellence in Teaching Professorship” to recognize a faculty member whose dedication to student learning is exemplary.

Preventing Medical Errors in Hospitals through an Endowed Professorship

What kind and how much medication a patient receives can be a matter of life or death. That’s why Bob Crisafi, Ph.D., who received his doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Florida in 1956, has spent his career focused on patient safety and the role pharmacists can play in reducing medical error rates in hospitals.

APhA’s Tom Menighan Visits MTM Communication and Care Center

Tom Menighan, Executive Vice President and CEO of APhA, visited the UF MTM Communication and Care Center on October 26, 2011.  He graciously spent the day with MTM center faculty, staff and students learning about the center’s operation, research, and future center plans. Please read more about Mr. Menighan’s visit on his blog:…

Community Health Expo Encourages Prostate Screening for Black Men

Men attending the 2011 Men’s Health & Manpower Expo receive free prostate cancer screenings and learn about other important health issues and employment opportunities. UF Pharmacy Professor Folakemi Odedina, Ph.D., director of community outreach at the UF Prostate Disease Center worked with community leaders to organize the event……

UF medicinal chemists modify sea bacteria byproduct for use as potential cancer drug

University of Florida pharmacy researchers have modified a toxic chemical produced by tiny marine microbes and successfully deployed it against laboratory models of colon cancer. Writing today in ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, UF medicinal chemists describe how they took a generally lethal byproduct of marine cyanobacteria and made it more specifically toxic — to cancer cells. When the scientists gave low doses of the compound to mice with a form of colon cancer, they found that it inhibited tumor growth without the overall poisonous effect of the natural product. Even at relatively high doses, the agent was effective and safe.

UF launches new online master’s degree for patient-care pharmacists

The University of Florida College of Pharmacy is launching an online Master of Science in Pharmacy in Medication Therapy Management degree, with classes starting this month. The program is the first master’s program available in the emerging field of medication therapy management, and can be completed in less than two…

UF MTM Call Center Featured in “Pharmacy Today”

The UF MTM Communication and Care Center was honored to be the cover feature in “Pharmacy Today” magazine February 2011. The magazine features an article discussing the center’s student training, operations, and MTM counseling.  The February issue can be found on Pharmacy Today’s website.  You can listen…

Medical Spotlight on UF MTM Call Center

“It’s one thing for a doctor to prescribe medicine. It’s another thing for a patient to take it properly and not mix it with other drugs.” The WCJB-TV20 Medical Spotlight features Heather Hardin, Pharm.D., who explains how the UF Medication Management Therapy Communication Care Center is aiding patients.