Health Disparities Research

Researchers in the University of Florida College of Pharmacy are committed to helping underserved populations overcome health inequities driven by social, economic and environmental factors. By understanding and removing the barriers to health equality, only then can everyone attain their full health potential.

Prostate Cancer Disparities

Folakemi Odedina, Ph.D. works on the development of a predictive behavioral model of prostate cancer disparities among Black men and the implementation of cost-effective, community-based intervention programs in minority and underserved communities.

Prostate Cancer Research

Medication Therapy Management

Drs. Richard Segal and Folakemi Odedina work on finding and implementing medication therapy management solutions to medication use experiences that are fundamentally shaped by cultural experiences of ethnocultural minority groups. Their current work focuses on creating partnerships between community health workers and pharmacists.

Medication Therapy Management

CaRE2 Health Equity Center

The CaRE2 Health Equity Center aims to reduce health disparities in the Black and Latino community. Led by researchers in the UF Colleges of Pharmacy and Nursing, it’s goal is to partner with the community to share accurate health information to prevent negative health outcomes.

CaRE2 600x400

Social Stress

The laboratories of Drs. Eric Krause and Annette de Kloet are conducting basic science research examining how psychosocial stress associated with relegation to low social status promotes the development of cardiometabolic disease and affective disorders. The goal of this research is to better understand the impact that social stress has on the mind and body in hopes of identifying novel therapeutic interventions aimed at alleviating health inequities.

Dr. Eric Krause