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Qi-Yin Chen , Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor

Qi-Yin Chen, Ph.D., serves as a research associate professor in Dr. Hendrik Luesch’s group in the department of Medicinal Chemist…

Marine Natural Products Drug Discovery and Development

, identification and structure determination of bioactive small molecules with a focus on marine natural products, studies toward their mechanism of action, chemical synthesis and drug

Discovery of Bioactive Marine Natural Products

Approximately half of all current drugs are derived from natural products, demonstrating their potential for drug discovery. The structural diversity and biological activity

Dr. Hendrik Luesch appointed to Natural Product Reports’ editorial board

Natural Product Reports is the Royal Society of Chemistry’s journal for publication of reviews in all areas of natural products chemistry, including biosynthesis, chemical biology, pharmacology and organic synthesis.

Target Identification and Mode of Action Studies

of compound available for characterization studies is an additional fundamental concern in natural products drug discovery, particularly if the structural complexity precludes

Relevant Publications

expression” Nature Cell Biol. 2010, 12, 758–767. Luesch, H.; Abreu, P. “A natural products approach to drug discovery: probing modes of action of antitumor agents by genome-scale