Dr. Serena Jingchuan Guo wins the UF Excellence Award for Assistant Professors

By Tyler Francischine

Serena Jingchuan Guo, M.D., Ph.D., an assistant professor in the University of Florida College of Pharmacy department of pharmaceutical outcomes and policy, is a recipient of this year’s UF Excellence Award for Assistant Professors.

This highly competitive award is only bestowed upon 10 UF faculty members each year, and it provides $5,000 to support research-related expenses. Guo, who received a medical degree from Peking University in Beijing and a doctoral degree in epidemiology from the University of Pittsburgh, joined the UF faculty in 2020. Her research in the fields of pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoinformatics focuses on neurogenerative conditions and cardiometabolic diseases with aims of achieving health equity and furthering precision medicine.

“This recognition affirms my commitment to excellence in research that contributes to advancing health outcomes and health equity through using large, real-world data and AI/machine learning,” Guo said. “It also motivates me to continue striving for advancements in real-world evidence and AI applications in the field of drug development and evaluations, ultimately benefiting patients and the broader scientific community.”

Faculty members are selected for UF Excellence awards based on letters of nomination written by college deans. Peter W. Swaan, Ph.D., M.Pharm., UF College of Pharmacy dean and professor, recommended Guo for this honor, noting her remarkable trajectory and scholarly record, which includes serving as primary investigator on a pair of National Institutes of Health-funded research projects and publishing more than 90 research manuscripts.

“With a solid foundation in medical and epidemiological training, she has rapidly emerged as a national authority in applying artificial intelligence to pharmacoepidemiological methods and their application in observational causal inference studies,” Swaan said. “Collectively, Dr. Guo’s record speaks to the great potential she has in making major impacts on her field of pharmaceutical outcomes research and beyond.”

In his letter of recommendation, Swaan also commended Guo on her commitment to service and teaching the next generation of pharmaceutical scientists. Guo has chaired three Ph.D. and three master’s degree advisory committees, and her students have received several prestigious research awards. As a teacher and mentor, Guo’s goal is to leave her students with a positive impact lasting far beyond their academic studies, ensuring she provides them with the skills they need for successful careers in pharmaceutical research.

“The opportunity to share knowledge and guide the next generation of pharmaceutical outcomes researchers is incredibly rewarding. One of the aspects I cherish the most is witnessing the growth and development of students as they transform from learners to professionals who can make significant contributions to the field,” Guo said. “I strive to instill a sense of curiosity, resilience and a commitment to lifelong learning. By providing a supportive and challenging environment, I encourage students to push the boundaries of their knowledge and capabilities.”