Sebastian Jugl selected for 2023-24 Graduate School Mentoring Award

Sebastian Jugl, R.Ph., M.S., a graduate student in the department of pharmaceutical outcomes and policy in the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, has been selected as one of six recipients of the 2023-24 Graduate School Mentoring Award. The annual award is presented by the UF Graduate School and recognizes graduate students who go the extra mile by mentoring. The award is based on academic performance, professional experience, mentoring philosophy and effectiveness and the impact on their mentees’ academic and professional growth.

Jugl has individually mentored nearly a dozen students during his time at UF. These include graduate students in his department and pharmacy interns from Germany, who participate in a six-month program at UF. In addition, he has helped expand his department’s student mentoring program and contributed to the development of mentoring activities within the International Society of Pharmacoepidemiology.

“Mentoring is important to me because it embodies the opportunity to foster both professional and personal growth within individuals who are at important stages of their careers,” Jugl said. “Witnessing firsthand the value and profound impact of mentorship can have on one’s own journey has illuminated to me the extensive benefits that mentoring offers.”

Jugl credits his mentors with teaching him the important balance between providing guidance and promoting independence. He encourages his mentees to navigate their paths while embracing the support they need to overcome challenges. The value of diverse mentorship with varied perspectives was another key lesson he learned that he has passed along to his mentees.

Jugl’s faculty advisory is Almut Winterstein, Ph.D., R.Ph., FISPE, a distinguished professor and director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Safety and director for the Consortium for Medical Marijuana Clinical Outcomes Research in the UF College of Pharmacy. The UF Graduate School will recognize Jugl and the other award winners at the annual Graduate School Awards event on April 5.