Graduate student Piaopiao Li awarded 2024 PhRMA Foundation fellowship

Piaopiao Li, M.S., a graduate student in the University of Florida College of Pharmacy’s department of pharmaceutical outcomes and policy, was awarded a 2024 Predoctoral Fellowship in Value Assessment-Health Outcomes Research from the PhRMA Foundation.

The fellowship is designed to support promising students during advanced stages of training in value assessment and health outcomes research. It offers $30,000 annually for up to two years.

Li’s research examines the complex interplay between social determinants of health, or SDOH, and multimorbidity in veterans. Multiple initiatives exist — such as the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing program — to address SDOH among veterans and improve health outcomes.

While previous research has focused on short-term effects and chronic conditions among SDOH-related programs, there is a gap in long-term research. Her study aims to develop a microsimulation model that simulates the aging and progression of multimorbidity in veterans. The model will comprehensively assess the long-term effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and distributional impact on health disparity for interventions targeting SDOH factors in veterans. It will equip policymakers with the ability to evaluate SDOH programs and their impacts.

“I sincerely appreciate the support from the PhRMA Foundation to pursue this research project,” said Li, who will use the study as her dissertation project. “This research has the potential to impact decision-making and benefit the care provided to the nation’s veterans.”

Hui Shao, M.D., Ph.D., a courtesy assistant professor of pharmaceutical outcomes and policy, serves as Li’s academic advisor.