Third International Kratom Symposium draws experts from across the globe

Many of the leading kratom scientists in the world gathered in Orlando, Feb. 14-15, for the Third International Kratom Symposium. Hosted by the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, the symposium featured over 20 presentations by esteemed scientists hailing from diverse fields including botany, chemistry, pharmacology and public health. The event covered wide-ranging topics from the cultivation of kratom trees to its application in clinical trials, as the scientific community exchanged ideas and discussed the most pressing issues concerning kratom’s use internationally and in Western markets.

The Third International Kratom Symposium featured these speakers from UF and around the world.

“It’s impressive to have so many esteemed kratom scientists together in one location sharing research and learning from each other,” said Oliver Grundmann, Ph.D., a clinical professor of medicinal chemistry in the UF College of Pharmacy and co-director of the symposium. “With the world’s growing curiosity and intrigue about kratom, scientists play a pivotal role in understanding its medical potential and shaping its future trajectory as a commercial entity.”

The symposium sparked worldwide interest, attracting researchers from as far away as Malaysia and Thailand. Kratom, or as it is scientifically known Mitragyna speciosa, is harvested from a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia. In recent years, it’s gained popularity in Western countries as an alternative medicine for managing chronic pain, opioid withdrawal symptoms and other conditions.

The University of Florida has emerged as one of the nation’s leading institutions for kratom research. A half-dozen scientists from UF presented at the meeting, addressing topics from agriculture applications to kratom’s health benefits and concerns. The presenters included faculty from the UF College of Pharmacy and UF/IFAS.   

Also attending the symposium were regulators and members of the kratom industry. The event’s organizers wanted to create an event inclusive of multiple perspectives in discussing kratom’s use today and in the future.

“We are grateful for those kratom vendors who stepped forward to sponsor this meeting, so the kratom scientific community could gather together and have meaningful discussions around advancing kratom research,” said Christopher McCurdy, Ph.D., F.A.A.P.S., a professor of medicinal chemistry and the Frank A. Duckworth Eminent Scholar Chair in the UF College of Pharmacy and a co-director of the symposium.

The sponsors of the Third International Kratom Symposium provided nonrestricted funds to support the meeting through the UF Foundation. They included:

  • 1836 Kratom
  • Drink New Brew (The Plant Program)
  • Hesperos, Inc.
  • Kr8om
  • The Leaf Kratom Coalition
  • LEVO Naturals
  • MIT45, Inc.
  • Nevada Wholesalers (Urban Ice Botanicals)
  • SUN Distribution (Super Organics, LLC)
  • Titan Aries Enterprises

hosted by the uf college of pharmacy

Third International Kratom Symposium Photos

Third International Kratom Symposium