Graduate student Zachary Greenberg receives UF Health Cancer Center Predoctoral Award

Zachary Greenberg, a doctoral student in the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, has earned a UF Health Cancer Center Predoctoral Award for his research using artificial intelligence, or AI, to advance cancer immunotherapy through the application of extracellular vesicles.

Zachary Greenberg, UFHCC Award

By using AI to drive extracellular vesicle engineering, Greenberg is working towards individualized cancer immunotherapy. This personalized approach could lead to more effective and tailored treatments for individuals based on the unique characteristics of their cancer.

Under the mentorship of Mei He, Ph.D., an associate professor in pharmaceutics, and Kiley Graim, Ph.D., an assistant professor in UF’s Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, Greenberg is positioned to engineer new biomaterial systems for health care while advancing scientific knowledge of pharmaceutical biophysics.

An award ceremony was held Jan. 31 in the Reitz Grand Ballroom, where Greenberg presented his research during the UF Health Cancer Center Annual Research Showcase.

Looking to the future, Greenberg aspires to become a tenure-track professor and a member of a National Cancer Institute, continuing his dedication to advancing cancer research.