Grand Guard Celebration Honors class of 1973

Five members of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy’s class of 1973 marked the 50th anniversary of their graduation with the Grand Guard Society celebration on Nov. 9-11, 2023.

people on stair case.
From left to right: Donna Barrio, Jeffrey Delafuente, Deborah Wood, Catherine Duncan, and Michael Schneider

The class of 1973 included:

  • Donna Barrio
  • Jeffrey Delafuente
  • Catherine Duncan
  • Michael Schneider
  • Deborah Wood

During this event, the class of 1973, along with their guests, took part in a tour of the UF College of Pharmacy and a private luncheon with Dean Peter Swaan.

Janet Schmittgen, Pharm.D., an instructional assistant professor and director of the college’s History of Pharmacy Museum, provided them with a tour of the pharmacy museum and delivered a talk on the history of pharmacy.

The tour was followed by their Grand Guard Induction Ceremony, where they wore traditional orange and blue graduation robes and were formally inducted into the Grand Guard Society.