Erin Berthold selected as Highlighted Trainee Author by Drug Metabolism and Disposition journal

Erin Berthold, a graduate student in the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, was selected as the Highlighted Trainee Author for February by the Drug Metabolism and Disposition journal. The article that earned her the honor was titled, “The Lack of Contribution of 7-Hydroxymitragynine to the Antinociceptive Effects of Mitragynine in Mice: A Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Study.”

Erin BertholdThe study focuses on the interaction potential of the major kratom alkaloid, mitragynine, and the major cannabinoid, cannabidiol. She looks to leverage the individual properties of each compound to develop a more readily accessible solution for individuals suffering from substance use disorders.

Berthold’s mentor is Abhisheak Sharma, Ph.D., a research assistant professor of pharmaceutics in the UF College of Pharmacy.