Seven Pharm.D. students appointed to ASHP advisory groups

University of Florida College of Pharmacy students Bozana Dragoljevic, Victoria Grusauskas, Christopher Hall, Breonna Harrison, Shirly Ly, Gabriella Sackett and Devi Surajbali have been appointed to national student advisory groups for the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, or ASHP. Grusauskas, Hall and Ly are students at the UF College of Pharmacy’s Gainesville campus, while Dragoljevic, Harrison, Sackett and Surajbali are students in Orlando.

ASHP Student Forum 2021

The ASHP Pharmacy Student Forum has five advisory groups that provide advice and guidance to the forum regarding the unique needs of student members and how these needs might be addressed by ASHP resources and programs. Each advisory group is made up of 18-19 student pharmacists from pharmacy colleges across the United States.

Dragoljevic and Hall, both fourth-year pharmacy students, will participate in the Advancement of Professional Practice Advisory Group. These members will advise ASHP regarding the development and support of programs designed to engage and educate students regarding initiatives to advance the practice of pharmacy.

Grusauskas and Harrison were selected to the Residency Preparation Advisory Group. Grusauskas, a fourth-year student, will chair the group, while Harrison, a third-year student, will contribute as a member. The Residency Preparation Advisory Group serves to advise ASHP regarding student residency preparation resources, including the process for obtaining a residency and how it differs from other career options.

Sackett, a fourth-year pharmacy student, was appointed to the Career and Leadership Development Advisory Group. This group serves to advise ASHP regarding professional development, career exploration opportunities and the growth and development of future pharmacy leaders.

Surajbali, a fourth-year student, and Ly, a third-year student, will serve with the Student Society Development Advisory Group, which advises ASHP regarding the facilitation of growth and development of the student societies.