Dr. Guillaume de Lartigue awarded a 2021 UF Excellence Award for Assistant Professors

The University of Florida has awarded Guillaume de Lartigue, Ph.D., with a 2021 Excellence Award for Assistant Professors — one of the university’s top awards for a junior faculty member.

Guillaume de Lartigue
Guillaume de Lartigue

De Lartigue serves as an assistant professor of pharmacodynamics in the UF College of Pharmacy. Prior to joining UF in 2018, he was an assistant professor of cellular and molecular physiology at the Yale School of Medicine. De Lartigue’s research focuses on the neurobiology of feeding, emphasizing the gut-brain communication. He is particularly interested in how internal states are sensed and disrupted in disease to reveal new methods for treating obesity and related conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

In the early stage of his independent research career, de Lartigue has already served as principal investigator or co-principal investigator on eight National Institutes of Health grants and three foundation grants. His publication record features more than 40 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters, with several high-profile publications in the research journals Cell, Nature Metabolism and Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

De Lartigue’s expertise in the neurobiology and physiology of feeding earned him a position on the Board of Directors of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior. The organization represents 400 member scientists from 30 countries committed to advancing research on food and fluid intake and its associated biological, psychological and social processes. He also serves on the editorial board for several primary research journals, including Peptide, Appetite, Frontiers in Endocrinology and Frontiers in Physiology.

“Through his research and exceptional publication record, Dr. de Lartigue is already recognized nationally and internationally as a clear leader in the area of obesity and related metabolic syndromes,” said Julie Johnson, Pharm.D., dean and distinguished professor in the UF College of Pharmacy. “His early career success is quite noteworthy and paints a bright future for his future academic endeavors. All of us in the College of Pharmacy are proud of Dr. de Lartigue and extend our congratulations on winning a 2021 UF Excellence Award for Assistant Professors.”

De Lartigue is one of only 10 junior faculty at UF to receive a 2021 Excellence Award for Assistant Professors. This is the fourth year in a row that an assistant professor in the UF College of Pharmacy has received the highly competitive honor. Other recent winners include Wei-Hsuan “Jenny” Lo-Ciganic (2020), Steven Smith (2019) and Yu-Jung “Jenny” Wei (2018).

The Excellence Award for Assistant Professors comes with a $5,000 stipend to support research-related expenses such as travel, books, equipment and graduate student salaries.