Inaugural class of PEAP Scholars celebrated at pinning ceremony

The University of Florida College of Pharmacy welcomed its inaugural class of Gator Pharmacy Early Assurance Program, or PEAP, scholars during a pinning ceremony, March 27. In a physically distanced event at UF’s Norman Field, the scholars were recognized by name and presented PEAP pins. More than two dozen UF undergraduate students enrolled in PEAP this year and participated in activities preparing them to be pharmacy students in the fall.PEAP Pinning Ceremony 2021

Teresa Cavanaugh, Pharm.D., an assistant dean and clinical associate professor in the UF College of Pharmacy, and Jerald Staret, student council president, addressed the PEAP Scholars and their guests during the ceremony. Staret encouraged the incoming UF pharmacy students to take advantage of every opportunity presented to them and find activities outside of pharmacy they can enjoy. Meanwhile, Cavanaugh congratulated the scholars on reaching this important milestone in their academic pursuit.

“As the inaugural class, you are paving the way for future PEAP Scholars,” Cavanaugh said. “Wear your pins with pride and congratulations on beginning your journey through pharmacy school.”

The Gator Pharmacy Early Assurance Program allows high-achieving scholars to become fully educated on pharmacy as a career path and to become knowledgeable about the application process to pharmacy school. The program is designed to assist scholars through workshops, training, mentoring and opportunities to explore pharmacy careers.