Center for Quality Medication Management named finalist in Reshaping Health Access Challenge

A team representing the University of Florida College of Pharmacy’s Center for Quality Medication Management, or CQM, has been selected to compete in the statewide Guidewell Innovation Reshaping Health Access Challenge. The invitation followed CQM’s top three finish in the Orlando regional pitch competition Sept. 10.

CQM proposed using its scalable, cost-effective telepharmacy program to improve health access and medication literacy. Many elderly and people in low socioeconomic or minority groups struggle with health literacy, which can lower medication adherence. CQM’s proposal uses analytics to align educational content with a patient’s health literacy. By identifying medication literacy levels, CQM aims to predict patient risks and suggest appropriate education content and delivery methods. CQM’s leadership said the idea will empower patients to become better informed about their medications and live healthier.

Guidewell Innovation’s Reshaping Health Access Challenge involves organizations with novel approaches to enabling access to quality, affordable health care and health education to populations and communities in Florida experiences high levels of health inequality. The finalists selected in four regional competitions, including the UF CQM, will compete for a $40,000 grand prize at the statewide competition in Orlando, Oct. 28.

CQM Leadership Team 2020