Teaching Pharmacy Gators Near & Far

Jacob Henson, an Army veteran who served in Iraq, received his pharmacy degree on May 7 after completing coursework using distance learning technology from the UF College of Pharmacy’s campus in St. Petersburg, Fla. Henson is the first person in his family in more than seven generations to graduate as a doctor.

Bob Ford, who lives in Canada and studies via distance learning, is the 2,000th graduate from the nontraditional Working Professional Pharm.D. program, known as WPPD. The graduates are both receiving the Pharm.D. degree but are from two separate and distinct programs.

Henson is an entry-level student, and Ford is graduating from the national program for working pharmacists. Ford received a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from the University of Alberta in 1975, while Henson will enter the workforce as a pharmacist for the first time.

Although they took different paths, each achieved his dream of being a Gator graduate. View the video