UF Professor Emeritus Receives Hungarian Recognition of Merit & Science

Nicholas Bodor, Ph.D., D.Sc., Graduate Research Professor Emeritus (active) at the UF College of Pharmacy, in 2011, received high honors from his native country, Hungary in recognition of his global scientific accomplishments.

In August, the Hungarian government recognized Bodor at its official ceremony in Budapest. Bodor received the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic, a prestigious state award of civil merit. He received the cross at an official ceremony in the Hungarian parliament on the eve of the August 20th national celebration of Hungary’s canonized first king, St. Stephen. Bodor also received the complemental pin, the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit and an ornate diploma summarizing his accomplishments. Previously, in 2004, he received the Gold Cross of Merit of the Hungarian Republic.

Earlier, in May, Bodor received scientific recognition when he was awarded the 2010 Fabinyi Prize from the Hungarian Chemical Society. Established in 2007 at the society’s 100th anniversary, the award is named after the HCS founder, Dr. Rudolf Fabinyi. Bodor is the third recipient of the award, which is given to scientists living outside of Hungary whose outstanding scientific accomplishment have contributed to the reputation of the HCS (The first recipient was the Hungarian Nobel Laurate George Olah, who lives in California). At its annual meeting last May, Prof. Peter Matyus, president of the HCS presented Bodor with a large engraved medal and diploma. Following the award presentation, Bodor delivered a plenary lecture to 800 participants in honor of the United Nation’s designation of 2011 as The International Year of Chemistry.