First-year Pharmacy Students Pledge Their Professionalism

More than 200 first-year pharmacy students put on their professional white coats for the first time on March 19 during the college’s Professional Coating Ceremony. The student pharmacists, from four UF campuses across the state, gathered at the Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts to confirm their commitment to becoming professional practitioners of pharmacy. Led by Their professors, and families proudly watched as Nicole Kitts, Pharm.D. candidate May 2011, led the students in a pledge of their dedication to pharmaceutical excellence.

The student body, having completed their first academic year, recited together this verbal Pledge of Professionalism:

“At this time, I pledge to develop a sense of loyalty and duty to the pharmacy profession. I will accept responsibility and accountability for membership in the pharmacy profession. I will pursue all academic and professional endeavors with integrity. I will foster professional competency through life-long learning. I dedicate my life and practice to excellence. I accept the responsibility for providing pharmaceutical care to patients. I commit to abiding by the Oath of the Pharmacist and the Code of Ethics for Pharmacists as I advance toward full membership of the profession. I voluntarily make this pledge of professionalism.”

Congratulations to the UF College of Pharmacy ‘Class of 2014’ student pharmacists!