Dean’s Leadership Council

In 2014, Dean Julie Johnson created the Dean’s Leadership Council to be composed of two different subcommittees: The Professional Advisory Committee and the Philanthropy Committee. The Dean’s Leadership Council is a representative group of alumni and friends of the college that will take on a leadership role helping support the college both academically and charitably. Members from each committee will meet twice a year and will participate in conference calls as well.

The Pharmacy Professional Advisory Committee is chaired by Dr. John Gums, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs. Members are leaders in the pharmacy profession with a strong pulse on the profession. The role of the committee will be to advise college leadership on changes for curriculum and in the profession as a whole, while advocating for the college during their two or three year term.

The Philanthropy Committee is chaired by Elizabeth Zipper, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs. Members are annual donors to the college and will assist in helping the college attract potential donors during their three year term. These members are an essential resource for the Development office.

Dean’s Leadership Council Members

Ed Hamilton, Chair 2016-19

Pharmacy Professional Committee                                         Pharmacy Philanthropy Committee

Carl Allison                                                                                  Charity Ackerman

Jacob Beckel                                                                               Paul Ackerman

Mark Haumschild                                                                         Kathy Petsos

Mark Hobbs, Past Chair 2013-16                                                John Taylor

Thanh Hogan                                                                               Michele Weizer

Connie Hogrefe, Vice Chair, 2016-19                                          Bob Wilson

Michael Jackson                                                                          Carol Wilson

Matt Kirchoff

Michael Mustard

Jeenu Philip

Steve Reeder

Jim Springer

Norm Tomaka

Suzy Wise

Michael Yount