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The graduate program in the College of Pharmacy offers a Ph.D. in five concentrations:

  1. Medicinal Chemistry
    Research in drug design, drug discovery, natural products, drug biotransformation and toxicology

  2. Pharmaceutics
    Research in pharmacometrics, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical biotechnology and drug delivery

  3. Pharmacodynamics
    Research to identify mechanisms and drug targets in addiction, stress, anxiety, hypertension, cognitive aging and neuroinflammatory disorders

  4. Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy
    Research in pharmacoepidemiology, patient safety and program evaluation and pharmacoeconomics

  5. Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Research in pharmacogenomics in cardiovascular, metabolic and hypertensive disorders and oncology, drug metabolism and transport, and therapeutic drug monitoring

Student Achievement

The graduate program in the college has over 100 Ph.D. students working in 30 labs.

Graduate students work in more than 30 labs.

The College of Pharmacy’s graduate program has over 100 Ph.D. Students working in 30 labs. Their research projects include research on a wide range of topics across the spectrum of research in the college.

Recent awards to our students include American Heart Association fellowships and an Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) Research Attachment Programme award.

Our students have also received recognition at national and international meetings for their research. These include awards from:

  • The American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  • The American College of Clinical Pharmacology
  • The American Society of Pharmacognosy
  • The Society for Reproductive Investigation
  • The International Society for Anti-Infective Pharmacology
  • The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Biotechnology Conference
  • The American Association of Bangladeshi Pharmaceutical Scientists
  • The 8th International PCBs Workshop
  • The 19th North American ISSX meeting
  • The 3rd Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Conference

Our international students have also been chosen for UF international student awards.

Graduate students in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy work with databases including more than 100 million lives

Graduate students in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy work with databases including more than 100 million lives

Research Showcase

The college holds an annual research showcase highlighting graduate research in the college. The 30th Annual Research Showcase will be held February 10, 2017.

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The Ph.D. program at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy offers me a wealth of opportunities for interdisciplinary research. I enjoy the fact that I am footsteps away from my colleagues in medicine, nursing and the other health sciences colleges, and UF affords me the opportunity to collaborate with the amazing researchers in my college and beyond.

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Juan Hincapie-Castillo

Graduate student in the Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy