Office of Research and Graduate Studies

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS) is housed under the umbrella of the Office of the Dean and is overseen by the Executive Associate Dean.  The Executive Associate Dean is assisted in the ORGS by three staff members who work together to handle the daily operations of the ORGS.

Some of the Research responsibilities within the ORGS are:

  • To oversee that faculty remain active in their individual research programs and to assist them in the proposal submission process
  • To ensure that all proposals are submitted and logged through the COP and UF in the proper manner
  • To monitor all post-award activities
  • The dissemination of information to the proper faculty or personnel within the COP regarding research opportunities, announcements, notices from the Division of Sponsored Research, or changes to the University policy.  This is done largely through Research Committee meetings with the Executive Associate Dean and the chair of each department along with a faculty member appointed by the chair from each department.

The College of Pharmacy currently has five major areas of graduate concentration.  These are Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy, and Pharmacotherapy & Translational Research. For additional information see our GRADUATE PROGRAMS page.

Some of the Graduate responsibilities within the ORGS are:

  • The monitoring of all graduate student applications, quality of graduate students and the progression of students through the graduate programs in the College
  • The monitoring of the quality of graduate programs and seeking ways to expand or improve graduate education within the COP
  • The dissemination of information concerning graduate programs and education within the COP to faculty or graduate students through the Departmental Chairs and Graduate Coordinators.  This is done largely through monthly Graduate Studies Committee meetings with the Executive Associate Dean and the Graduate Coordinator from each department.
  • Act as a liaison between the College and the Registrar’s Office, Graduate School, and Office of Research, Technology and Graduate Education within the University

The ORGS is also responsible for the submission of the College’s ORGS Annual Report, as well as needed reports for the University and outside agencies such as AACP, ACPE and SACS.

The ORGS also coordinates various functions within the College such as the Annual Research Showcase, Annual Post-bac Reception and an Annual Graduate Student Luncheon.



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