Pharmacokinetics Inhaled Glucocorticoids

Thanks in part to Günther Hochhaus, the University of Florida is recognized as one of the premier Centers of Excellence in the field of pulmonary drug delivery and pharmacokinetic and the pharmacodynamic evaluation of asthma drugs.

After joining the University of Florida, Günther Hochhaus concentrated his research on evaluating the fate of anti-asthma drugs in the body (pharmacokinetics) and tried to understand the relationship between these properties and the pharmacodynamic effect. This resulted in computer simulation programs for the identification of biopharmaceutical properties for the purpose of maximizing the local effects and reduce systemic side effects. Indeed, developing inhalation drugs with such properties improved the pulmonary selectivity of these drugs. Since then, linking pharmacokinetic pharmacodynamic approaches with a rational drug delivery design has proven to be a powerful tool in streamlining drug development for inhalation drugs. Similar approaches have been used to determine the optimum time of the day such medication should b e taken.

“We want to make sure that inhalation drugs are designed to provide efficient anti-asthmatic effects with the lowest degree of side effects.” Hochhaus says.

Hochhaus has authored or co-authored more than 160 publications and is involved in the education of graduate students in the area of pharmacokinetics and biopharmaceutics. He is a Fellow of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and a former Regent of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology.


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